Vote for Rotten Clinton

The donkey convention has been a source of almost non-stop hilarity as the dyke bitch from hell and the anti-White Star Wars cantina crowd combine to create a total and complete kosher mess while Trump continues to widen his lead in the polls. Still, the arguments are compelling and the half-dead slot-licker is sure to capture the "taco vote," the dead negro criminal vote and, of course the "muh vagina" vote. Truly the stench of desperation is now competing with the expected odors of "diversity" and unwashed privates. It's 2016 and it's time to get on the right side of history. 1993 is over, bigots.

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to dislike and leave disruptive comments.

This is how it ends for the sociopath rug-munching witch. A horrible tune performed by Z-list "celebrities," the false song of globalism in all its profound ugliness. We start with a relatively attractive blonde (finally, someone read their Saul Alinsky) who immediately ruins any goodwill her non-freakish appearance might have earned by vocal-frying her support for an unindicted criminal and twitching around, perhaps approximating the stroke the C-hag is likely to have after being destroyed at the debate.

We get our hypnotic "dumb, dumb, dumb" rhythm, which is a fairly accurate summation of the intellectual vigor of any White voting for this veteran of the dildo wars. The lyrics make an awkward metaphor about a boat making waves on the ocean, when comparing hell's favorite lesbian to a tapeworm grown to horrific size from its jew-aided parasitism would be more accurate. We then get our first Taco-American, sixteen seconds in. I'm surprised it took that long. Vote for a deranged lunatic that hates you, burrito-biters!

Next up in this banquet of revolting ideas and humanoids, the negro female (?) and a White male with a serious gay-face problem. Man, marxism is radical. I'm voting for my own destruction and for spiritual poison!

The next lyric: "I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion." Maybe not the best choice of words for a nation currently under attack from islamic and negro terrorists.

"Wrecking balls inside my brain." Yeah, no kidding. The planned jewish demolition of your ability to think or question why everything is collapsing and burning. Watch your electronic synagogue, warble along with the Crooked Hillary song, try to ignore the open civil war in our streets, everything will be fine once a soulless criminal pervert is given those nuke codes.

An elderly jew pops up and I'm done. I mean, I'm only flesh and blood, there's a limit of how much concentrated societal rot I can absorb in one sitting. This ugly mess represents a yesterday that's about to be forgotten, the deepest darkness before the glorious dawn. Talk about the wrong side of history. Here in Current Year negroes performing urban yodeling, mystery meats and jews are finished. Tomorrow belongs to me.


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