A Norwegian of Somalian Origin

We all celebrated Brexit, but Great Britain clearly has a long and difficult road ahead if they're going to restore their nation, reject the siren song of globalism and remove the aliens in their midst. Whether they have the courage to walk it remains to be seen, but the hour is getting late. With Londonistan transformed into the sister city of Islamabad and an enemy within that's recovering after an almost unbelievable setback, the problems of the old United Kaliphate remain. The madness of the equality cult and the pathetic appeasing do-gooder still hang over everything like a thick London fog. A Somalia jihadan is not deterred by knife control and attacks hapless Eloi. The river Tiber foams with much blood. It was "mental illness," the madness of a disastrous jewish age that is coming to an end.

An American woman in her 60s has been killed after being repeatedly stabbed in the back by a knifeman in a central London rampage as police rowed back on terrorism as a potential motive and said the attack was probably triggered by mental health issues. 

Clearly we need waiting periods and more restrictions on knife purchases, if only to stop the "knifemen" from slashing the free-range tourist population. The police sure work quickly when it's memory hole material. No terrorism, no sir. Must have been an unhealthy mind in a 60 I.Q. failed branch of humanity from the African sewer. This vile turd was probably sad or whatever. Case closed.

The US citizen was knifed by the "large man" - who was reportedly wearing black shorts and a white t-shirt - as he silently and indiscriminately attacked pedestrians in Russell Square on Wednesday night.

I'm glad we get a description of the clothes this ape was wearing, that's much more relevant than discussing its alien racial make-up or wondering why it was in a White nation in the first place. Either way, the African Heart of Darkness comes to Russell Square, an evolutionary dead-end rewards the suicidal generosity with a literal stab in the back. Wake. The. Fuck. Up.

A 19-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, having received treatment in hospital under armed guard after a Taser was discharged as he was detained by police shortly after 10.30pm.

I'm not sure how it's "attempted" when the victim is dead, but then again my double-think needs work. We can't really hold this living fossil responsible, after all. It had a problem in the head. We're only a little bit suspicious it might have hurt someone, as the dead body riddled with stab wounds to the back is lowered into the uncaring soil.

The suspect is a Norwegian national of Somalian origin, but no evidence has been found of radicalisation, Scotland Yard's head of counter-terrorism Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said.

Wow, that's a relief! I guess we can just shit-can this whole lurid thing, then. Maybe give the tar creature some counseling or have it do a book report. Go back to your "pints" and your Africa Ball, everything is fine.

Police had earlier said they were keeping an open mind over the motive behind the attack - which took place in a popular central London tourist area close to the scene of the July 7 London bus bombing in 2005 - and said terrorism was "one line of inquiry that we should explore".  

That open mind sure slammed shut quickly after the jew pulled the choke chain.

"Whilst the investigation is not yet complete, all of the work we have done so far increasingly points to this tragic incident as having been triggered by mental health issues.

Whilst my full castration is not yet complete, I am gelded enough to pretend that this creature was capable of human emotions and reasoning, despite massive evidence to the contrary. This malformed animal with an I.Q. similar to the temperature of a brisk Autumn afternoon is your equal.

 These are just overcooked Whites!

"At this time, we believe this was a spontaneous attack and that the victims were selected at random."

Random attack, wrong place and time, no motive other than unspecified faulty brain wiring, nothing to see here.

It was also revealed in the statement on Thursday afternoon that the woman killed in the attack was American. Those injured are Australian, American, Israeli and British.

The exciting and vibrant adventure that is "multiculturalism." 

As a result of the attack, armed police and other officers will be deployed on the streets of London on Thursday as a "precautionary measure" to provide reassurance, the Met said as it urged the public to remain "calm, vigilant and alert".

Please don't come to the obvious conclusions. Keep calm and bleed out.

We need a lot more of these "Norwegians" in White countries.


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