Beaten and Burned

Fifty years ago we decided we could make reality go away if we were willing to sufficiently debase ourselves. Clearly everyone in centuries of historical record was wrong about the negro and we'd be the ones that would turn this failed branch of humanity into something approximating modern man. Then it was time to spend, time to grovel, time to bleed, time to die. Today the living fossil is worse than ever, emboldened by half a century of cowardly weakness. The dark nightmares crawl out of the sewer of their own creation, seeking the White benefactors they can prey upon. They're failing because of "racism," that idiotic monster straight from a nightmare is your equal, honest. The real tragedy is the negro criminal that gets shot by "five-oh" once in awhile.

Dorothy Dow, the Meriwether County woman who was severely beaten and burned in a home invasion earlier in August, has died, an official confirmed. She was 83.

You probably remember the massive outrage, the global media coverage, the calls for new legislation to ensure this never happens again. Wait, my mistake, this horrific incident was shoved into the memory hole by jewish hands. Clearly ALL lives matter, although some matter more than others.

Dow was injured after several people demanded money from her after they entered her Grantville house Aug. 4, Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith said earlier. The break-in occurred between 11 p.m. and midnight.

This is why you need to be armed. When the content of their character breaks through a window no amount of "I voted for Obongo" is going to make a difference.

“She pleaded with them that she did not have any money,” Smith said.

White privilege.

The attackers broke both of Dow’s arms and left cuts and bruises on her face, officials said. They also poured a flammable liquid on her and lit it, Smith said.

Again, this horrific crime was completely ignored by the kosher media and the criminal government. A pack of worthless nigger dog shit brutalized and then set an elderly White woman on fire. The jew unleashed them. Hey, isn't that Africa Ball on the talmudvision? Look at that brave half-breed refusing to stand for the "races" national anthem. What a hero.

 Tried to help the negro animal, was horribly murdered.

“With those broken hands, she took the top off the gallon of water and poured it on her head and put out the flames,” Beth Dow said.

With our broken, dead nation we struggle to keep ignoring obvious but "offensive" truths. 

Justin Pierce Grady, 38, Cortavious Deshun Heard, 18, Shanquavious Keontrell Cameron, 17, Mina Christine Ellery, 17, and Angel Latrice Harmon, 17, are facing multiple charges in connection with the incident, Channel 2 reported.

Shanquavious. Had enough yet? 

Grady and Heard previously worked at Dow’s home, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

If we just hire the morlock and give it honest work this will definitely turn it into a good little consumer and globalist cipher.

Grantville is about 50 miles southwest of Atlanta. 

We apparently learned nothing from this appalling incident so here's a free geography lesson. Go back to sleep, everything is fine. Genetic aliens are breaking into the homes of old ladies that tried to help them and setting them on fire. Forward.

The face of the racial enemy.


  1. Anyone tries that with my family is going to get a nice big surprise. What a sin that so many poor white people don't have a clue, even after living among them. A nice big fucking surprise waiting for any nig pulling the covers aside to pour lighter fluid on this old lady pretending to be asleep... Hard to believe the jewsmedia is this disgusting that this is covered up. They really hafta go.

  2. The only real problem with living fossils is that they're living. this is easily solved. We're not dealing with intelligent creatures. They're more like deadly tribbles. Stop feeding them and the problem will solve itself quickly.


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