Black Lives Splatter

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to copy it and spread it far and wide.

It's rare to see two minutes and change of blurry footage that perfectly captures both the genetically preordained failure of the negro and the bubble-headed cultural marxist do-gooder reaction to said monkeyshines, but this is a fine example. Living fossils mill about on a busy street, because this is how you win people to your side and stop the "racism," obviously. Our sacred right to walk down the center of the road, this is what St. Michael of the Cigar Discounts was cruelly martyred to protect. This is no mere silent vigil, of course, as it only takes a few moments before there's a highly satisfying thud, animal wailing and a nigga body (Ah! Ah!) hitting the ground. Barkevious is now pavement pizza.

Our White (?) female narrator responds with the stoic grit that typifies the strong woman that kicks butt and makes herstory, alternating between "Ohmigawds!" and making noises that are, quite frankly, suggestive of sexual arousal. Meanwhile the night terrors form a crude huddle around the limited negro, I guess reverting to sports ball behavior as a sort of defense mechanism against the horror (I hope the car is okay!) we all just witnessed. We get more casual blasphemy and the suggestion to call an ambulance. I don't think the Obamacare is gonna save Wile E. Negro, super genius and good boy turning his life around.

Incredibly, the worst pathology is still to come.

There's gun shots and the black lives scatter, demonstrating the amazing "southern speed" that is the reason many positions in the Africa Ball are completely off limits for Whites. More panic and moaning, scampering tar creatures, then some "trying to get cover over here." They should give this bitch a tin star and let her wave a miniature constitution at us, she's a hero just like all the people who died for Israel and jewish profiteering in foreign wars. Now it's War Zone U.S.S.A., brought to you by a race that's completely incompatible with even the most modest requirements of civilization.

Attempts to find our if anyone got hit (not counting Roadkill Rontavious, of course) fail to produce satisfactory answers from the primitive humanoids that resume their aimless milling around now that the "busting" is over. Then the final limp-out from an empowered woman who notes that "Those cops are just sitting there!" Please save us police, so we can get back to demonizing you. Modern Amerika really should come with a built in laugh track and barf bag.

We have learned a lot here today, but I'll try to collect all the lessons here for your convenience.

- The street ain't for walkin'.
- Mass multiplied by acceleration judges the content of your character, not the color of your skin.
- We just lost another vote for the Lesbian Witch.
- That full standard deviation in I.Q. has numerous real-life consequences. 
- Female hysteria is not a myth created by the patriarchy, it's very real.
- If you didn't laugh when the gunfire started you're made of sterner stuff than this humble author.
- When a negro is "busting" it's not a good time to spin around in a circle while narrating. You need to find dat cover, sucka.
- Any non-White that dies is a hero, regardless of the circumstances.
- Negro straight-line speed is actually rather unimpressive in most specimens.
- If someone has been shot, they'll probably tell you, you don't have to keep "axing."
- Police should immediately put themselves in harm's way to protect two-legged locusts.
- "Fuck da po-lice!" *gun shots* "Save us, police!" 
- Black lives don't matter.
- We need to restore our White homelands.
- The jew has not been completely honest with us regarding this whole "equality" and "diversity" thing.


  1. "Modern Amerika really ought to come with a laugh track and a barf bag." Priceless! Thank you.

  2. Negroes are entertaining if nothing else. Especially the one that bounced off the hood. Priceless.

  3. Have you seen this one? Only someone with a heart of stone could watch this without laughing.

  4. Only item of any value in the video was that stray dog.


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