Doing the Right Thing

Greetings fellow people without any color! Aren't you sick of living in a "boring" homogeneous society that's notably lacking in the rich "vibrancy" that we've seen in the streets of New Milwaukee? Wouldn't you love to have a tiny, wildly unrepresentative minority of alien outsiders controlling your finances, your government, you media and your education? Then this same Light of the World can bring in the exciting "diversity" of identical looking and behaving brown sewage to displace and destroy you. What do you mean, "No?" Fine, next time we'll just lie to you and frame everything as a bullshit moral issue. Look at this sand child in an ambulance. Isn't that sad? You want to "do the right thing," don't you? Hurry up and die.

While 28% of black social media users and 20% of Hispanic ones say that some of the things they share or post on social media are about race or race relations, only 8% of white folks talk about race in online social spaces, with a large majority, 67%, saying they never do.

Surprisingly La-ah's jewbook posts about nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) and Pedro's viva la razas are more numerous than timid "I think ALL lives matter" and "I wish we could just be colorblind" from Whites afraid of having their lives destroyed for crime-think. Honestly, who could have predicted this? 

It’s understandable. This is tough stuff, and nobody wants to make a mistake that can get them flamed into oblivion.

Is that what you're calling burning the heretics of the kosher Cult of the Flying Racial Equality Monster? 

But in many businesses, the most important conversations about growth and strategy still happen in majority white spaces, like executive boards, management committees and executive confabs.

Careerist scumbags pushing for fewer Whites in everything, pathetic treason so you can keep eating the scraps that fall off of the jewish plate. Grovel, you dog, debase yourself so you can keep your little suck-ass job.

And this is where speaking up about issues of race and inclusion – also known as ‘white allyship’ – can make the most difference.

Also known as flushing your heritage down the toilet or race cuckoldry. Look at the wall and suck on the ball gag "executive" Whites! If you're luckily you might be one of the last ones to be exterminated.

But it’s not easy. “There’s a real cost to bringing things up, like ‘where are the brown faces in this ad?’ or ‘why are there are only white people on this committee?’ ”one white executive from a Fortune 500 firm told me on background. 

Honestly, where are all the shit-colored genetic aliens full of sullen hostility toward their White benefactors on the talmudvision? It's a regular melanin famine. We need the ugliest available orcs to sell our product, if Whites don't buy it they must be "racist." I'm taking a big risk by parroting the established orthodoxy of our State Religion.

Buy diss sheeeit mudda fugga.

Allies can feel like a minority of one when they step away from their peers.

The loneliness of the long distance march through the culture.

Because what we’re really talking about when we talk about ‘allyship’ is dismantling systems, the way things have always been done,” says Mychal Denzel Smith, the author of Invisible Man, Got the Whole World Watching: A Young Black Man’s Education.

After we "dismantle" that "races" civilization we're left with burning cars, collapsing rule of law, tribal warfare, open borders and spiritual rot. This is good because an 85 I.Q. "educated" morlock said so. The clunky title of his masturbatory "I noticed I'm a negro" book should be immediately changed to "Good Kid, Turning Life Around."

“You have to be prepared for that. You have to ask yourself, ‘what am I willing to lose?’” Sometimes it’s personal. And sometimes it’s economic.

"I lost a promotion because I was constantly wailing about the need for more negroes." Yeah. Okay.

“What are the opportunities associated with the establishment of new systems that don’t deny others access to their own humanity and the respect and dignity afforded you?” Build on that. And keep talking.

Continue blowing meaningless hot air as your race and nation is destroyed from within. 

One of the most spectacular recent examples of white allyship came from South Carolina State Senator Paul Thurmond, 40, the youngest son of the late Senator Strom Thurmond, one of the state’s most famous segregationists.

Luckily he's dead and as such is spared having to watch his cuck son bowing down to tar monsters and sucking jewish putz.

Last year, Thurmond was one of the first state lawmakers to publicly call for the Confederate battle flag to be removed from the statehouse grounds after the shooting at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church. 

Wow. What a hero.

“Our ancestors were literally fighting to continue to keep human beings as slaves, and continue the unimaginable acts that occur when someone is held against their will,” he told his colleagues. “I am not proud of that heritage.”

I am a gelded coward who would push my own mother into traffic for one more day of unearned luxury. Hate your ancestors, hate your race, hate yourself. Betray everything that matters for that brief rush of sanctimony and a chance to be one of the gentile slaves promised by the talmud. The pathology of the American White.

And two months later, Thurmond opted not to run for re-election to, yes, spend more time with his family.

I'm guessing this is code-word for more self-negation. I decided not to run so I could have more time to prep the bull.

I recently emailed him a question. “Was the cost of speaking out too high?”

“Doing the right thing is never at a cost,” he responded, minutes later.

He then looked out the window, saw the cities on fire, the negro terrorism and the jewish spiritual cancer. Without losing his rictus grin of self-righteousness he carefully pulled the noose over his head.

This is what a cuckservative looks like.


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