Horror Movie: Random Diversity Chemical Attack

As the globalist "narrative" of tasty, foul-smelling ethnic food and smiling brown faces of the indistinguishable slave class continues to collapse we're seeing the desperation. The false song of globalism, the strident jungle dirge Whites were supposed to be entranced by, is being rejected. The disastrous jewish century is over, the century of Nationalism is beginning. We have to keep hitting the jewish enemy with the hammer strikes of truth, exposing the spectacular failure of policies that were never intended to work but were merely weapons used against Whites. They knew it was going to fail, the planned jewish demolition of the West was always the purpose behind the spiritual sickness, the invasion of shit-colored biological agents, the "I gots da rhats" agitation. Now it all lies in a smoking wreckage, the kosher failed attempt at White genocide. The attacks continue. The sleeping giant awakens.

A callous teenager was sentenced to eight years in prison after he showered five friends with an alkaline liquid in a random attack likened to a scene from a 'horror film'.

Those crazy "teens" and their wacky and innocent hi-jinks. You were young once, right? I'm sure you probably sprayed alkaline liquids into the face of random strangers all the time, so let's not get on that high horse.

Alexander Bassey, 17, got off a train at Ockendon station in Essex and approached the friends who were sitting at the platform waiting to go home after a party.

Free-range Whites become the "random" target of a genetic alien. Our generosity, our decades of groveling appeasement, is rewarded with melting flesh. We've had enough. We're not equal. The negro needs to be removed.

After challenging the youngsters - aged from 16 to 18 - he pulled a sports bottle from behind his back before squirting the highly corrosive alkaline substance backwards and forwards over them.

Cool chemistry experiment, Alexander! Want to bring it to the White House?

 Soulless brown turd attacked "random" Whites.

The innocent friends, who had said 'we don't want any trouble', were left screaming in agony as the alkaline burned through their clothes and onto their skin leaving life-changing injuries.

Well, that's unfortunate. Better go watch your "Premier League" and cheer at the amazing "pace" of the African monsters. Drink those "pints," eat garbage, worship the alien, become helpless and pathetic. "It's bliss!" says the rat-faced man with the weird little cap on the back of his head.

Bassey, from Dagenham, then cooly re-joined his 20-strong group of friends who could be seen laughing and joking after the random attack in the early hours of Sunday, May 22 this year.

The negro anti-soul. Another random attack, wrong place and time, could've happened to anyone, no racial component here, unlikely to ever happen again, everything's fine.

Bassey walked up to the boys who remained sat at the platform. He got to the stage where he was four-feet away and said "What are you saying? Where are you from?" Lee Elliot remembers saying "we don't want any trouble."

The old and useless White survival mechanisms. Appease, retreat, cower and hide. Try to reason with a 70 I.Q. nightmare creature. The days of running from trouble are coming to an end. We're taking back our countries.

Two witnesses recall Alexander Bassey saying "well f*** you". He had a bottle in his right hand and he shook it and squeezed it first of all at head height straight in Lee Elliot's face.

The enriching multicultural experience.

At an earlier hearing the court heard how one of the victims described the ordeal being 'like in a horror film.'

The jew produced horror, dangerous and moronic dark hominids in our midst.

'There appears no apparent reason or motive for the attack - as far as the boys on the platform were concerned, they were minding their own business,' Mr Dick added.

Yeah. No shit.

The panicking friends pleaded for station staff to let them in to pour water on their burns but workers turned them away.

Our high-trust and fully functional free, "diverse" and open society. Muh democracy, running like a Swiss watch. "Yew kanna go in hee-ah. Dis fawn-tan foe ploy-ees awnly."

Lee Elliot was initially blinded and although his vision returned in the days after he was struck he still has blurred sight and doctors are not sure if it will ever return to normal.

A small price to pay to surrender room and resources to sullen brown invaders who hate us. He was, we can safely assume, probably "racist." Face and eyes destroyed. White privilege.

The 'very intelligent' teenager showed no reaction as he was sentenced but one of his friends put his hand to his mouth in shock. 

Genius inventor and future doctor or biologist, just like on the talmudvision. Unlimited potential, about to go to college, turning around that life, shame some worthless and hated indigenous people got in the way.

Judge Ian Graham told Bassey he feared he would offend again.

You know what, I think you might be right!

'There is no explanation as to why you should have done this.'

Other than the obvious one, but we have to pretend this walking dog shit is a sun-tanned White for fear of the jew.

Bassey was told he would serve half of his time in custody and the remainder would be under extended supervision. 

Maybe do a couple book reports, whatever.

'He is a very intelligent young man who for some strange reason on that night completely lost control of his senses.' 

It's quite a mystery. I just can't figure it out.

Full Story.

We just can't figure out the motive.


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