Olympics Start With Muslim Sex Attack

Be sure to watch lots of sports, White person! Sit passively in front of the electronic synagogue, warm domestic beer with the little "K" on the bottle resting on your bloated gut, watching the magic orcs run and jump while you vomit on yourself and defecate in your pants. Hey, at least you're proving you're not "races!" And what could be better than the Olympic games, coming to us from a third world "diversity" hellhole? Here we get the high drama of clean and decent amateur athletic competition, featuring roided-up tar monsters, "women" with penises and every sort of ugly degeneracy you'd expect from the failed kosher program of globalism. Don't forget the moe-ham-heads, who might not be winning many medals outside of the 100 meter detonation run or freestyle tourist knifing events, but are sure to charm us all with their sexual emergencies that result in predictable moon cult behavior.

A Moroccan boxer has been arrested and jailed in Rio de Janeiro after an allegation of attempted rape was made against him, just one day before he was due to fight at the Olympic Games.

Funny how the moose-limb is the same wherever it goes. It's almost as if our soil is not, in fact, magical and capable of turning a bomb-tossing jihadan into a good little consumer and responsible citizen with a massive hard-on for muh constitution instead of mystery meat ass.

Hassan Saada, 22, was arrested by police on Friday morning after allegations of sexual assault were made against him by two Brazilian women who work in the Olympic Village in Barra da Tijuca as waitresses.

Since we're locked out of the stadium this sand-person rape attempt will have to suffice as the opening ceremony. What could be a better symbol for the One World disaster the jew is attempting to inflict upon us? Imagine a stone cube worshiping animal molesting some racial mix-and-match in a crumbling building, forever.

The lightweight boxer was due to compete on Saturday against Mehmet Nadir Unal of Turkey in the preliminary rounds, although he was not expected to challenge for medals.

Two pieces of brown shit punching each other. This is entertainment.

Saada was taken to a police station near the Maracana Stadium, where the Olympic Games opening ceremony takes place on Friday evening, where he was stripped of his Olympic competitor status.

The line has to be drawn somewhere, I guess. No Macarena (hey!) stadium for moe-ham-head, just a cell full of indistinguishable brown sewage.

 Rape ape "jabbed" at local tan every-women, got jailed.

A local judge, Larissa Nunes Saly, ruled that Saada should be held in police custody for 15 days while the case is investigated.

That feel when a third world cesspool is better at controlling moose-limb criminality than most European nations.

Police said that Saada is accused attacking the two Olympic Village workers after inviting one of them to pose for a photograph with him. It is also claimed that he asked one of the women if she had a social media profile.

"You much more attractive than a sheep. You on jewbook?"

Police said Saada then pushed the woman up against a wall and trying to kiss her. The Moroccan is also accused of groping the breasts of the second woman and making sexually-graphic gestures towards her, and offering her money to perform a sexual act on him.

We need a lot more of this in Montana.

Moroccan newspaper Le Matin reports that Saada was involved in a boycott threat along with two other Moroccan competitors to get a bigger pay reward for competing at the Rio Olympics.

Like I said, honest and pure amateur competition.

The globalist Olympics.


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