Proud of Our Student-Athletes

The U.S.S.A. is teetering on the brink of open race war in the streets, an unbelievably corrupt and evil dyke is being propped up by our criminal jewish media, we have a kosher sin debt of 19 trillion shekels and White genocide is the closest thing to a national idea that we have. None of these malignant tumors is important, of course. What is important is it's almost time for the Africa Ball, a chance to watch amazing sub-Saharan genetic aliens run and crash into each other, sometimes for several uninterrupted seconds. Once the Ethiopians are exhausted it's time to absorb marxist lectures and commercials from the traveling merchant promoting materialism and spiritual leprosy.

Watch your SEC conference (systematically excluding Caucasians), White man! We'll even let you look away from the wall and try to "direct" while this vile nonsense is unfolding. Drink your booze with the little "U" on the bottle, cuck. Worship dangerous monsters that want you and your family dead. Put on your "Barkevious" jersey so everyone knows whose bitch you are. Maybe if you're lucky you'll see homo erectus score the big "tug." If you're not lucky these same gridiron heroes might be forcing themselves into your apartment.

Two former Western Michigan University football players face charges of armed robbery, first-degree home invasion and larceny. 

I know it looks bad, but last year our amazing negro mercenaries won eight games and only lost five, including a victory in the "Bahamas Bowl" against Middle Tennessee State. Faced with staggering and inspiring achievements like that it's easy to forgive the occasional home invasion horror from 75 I.Q. hero athletes.

Linebacker Ron George and wide receiver Bryson White were arraigned Monday, Aug. 29, days after allegedly forcing themselves into an off-campus apartment and robbing a woman with a gun and knife. She was not hurt.

This is why you need to be armed. When "Mr. Touchdown" is coming through the window you want to be able to "hit him in the numbers" with a "forward pass" of hot lead. The victim is very lucky. Here's what happens when the tar monsters are in a less merciful mood.

The players were arrested late Friday, Aug. 26, after police say they made off with with some cash and property.

The rational mind and anti-soul of a failed branch of humanity that needs to be removed. All the worship from gelded White bladder-ball fans wasn't enough. They reverted to typical negro behavior.

WMU head coach P.J. Fleck dismissed George and White since allegations surfaced, then suspended them from the team Sunday.

Let's hear from the debased scumbag plantation master who brought in this criminal garbage from out of state while ignoring promising White players close to home.

Living fossils played with a ball to entertain a dead nation.

He said he didn't do enough homework on George's and White's backgrounds while recruiting them.

Yeah. No shit. One look at the muzzles, brow-ridges, low receding foreheads, and soulless eyes should have been enough to suggest that maybe bringing these morlocks into a predominantly White communist indoctrination center wasn't the best idea.

"It falls on one person, and it falls on me, as the head football coach," Fleck said. "I'm the one who offers scholarships. I'm the one who brings people in here. I'm the one, in the last four years, who brought in the type of student-athletes that we want to be very proud of here at Western Michigan.

I had hoped that the snow hoes and pathetic White groveling would keep the criminal animals I recruited relatively docile until they're discarded and replaced with a fresh crop of identical looking and behaving "diversity," but this time their inherent incompatibility with a civilized White nation really shone through.

"Somewhere along the line, obviously, I didn't go a good enough job and thorough enough job on a few guys."

You won eight entire games last year, don't be too hard on yourself.

Full Story.

Wow. What a hero.


  1. Gee is it goofball season already? I didn't care the last time either. There's nothing sadder than seeing games played by apes who don't understand strategy and rules stinking up the concept of sport by cheating and dancing like minstrels.
    Sport was supposed to supplement academic studies by introducing complex and rigorous physical activities to develop the body as well as the mind. Now its just what fat lazy fuckers watch while eating corn. How many yards did that ape run? Can he measure it? Canit even count that high? This isn't sport, its filler for misleading ads, and pictures to advertise devolution to primitive savagery.


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