Racial Reality "Surprises" White Victim

The city of Milwaukee is no longer burning. The militarized interventions of our dead nation are still strong enough to drive the tar animals back to their default state of sullen hostility and low-level civil war. I'm sure glad we're giving them all those hand-outs, we're really getting a lot of bang for the buck. Everything returns to the acceptable level of rot and entropy, the genetic alien and the content of its character can be safely forgotten. Watch your talmudvision, drink your beer with that weird "U" on the bottle and sagely reflect on how ALL lives matter, just like how every individual turd matters a moment after the flush. Also, weren't there victims? Yeah, probably, but it's not important. Everything is fine. Be sure to vote for the half-dead lesbian witch, it's the right thing to do.

During the unrest Sunday night, a recent Brookfield Central High School graduate was hit by gunfire. He is recovering, but the bullet is still lodged in his neck.

That always annoying "unrest," maybe a couple of living fossils talking loudly or pushing over a garbage can or whatever. It wasn't an open race war against Whites, that's for sure. Just a little unpleasantness with the brownies, let's paper it over and resume our meaningless lives of wage slavery and self-destructive hedonism.

“This is where the bullet is right now, and slowly over time it should be moving up more and more” the boy said while pointing towards the back of his neck. 

I'm sure you'll be fine, a bullet in the neck is really no big deal. White privilege.

Shot by feral outsiders because he was White.

“I heard no gun shots or anything before that so every thing really caught me by surprise,” Olson said.
Honestly, does the average White have any self-preservation instincts? I saw genetic aliens hooting and burning things and yelling "Git dat milk!" but because I couldn't hear gunshots I was really surprised when the evolutionary dead-ends started "busting." The real life negro is a little different than the one on the talmudvision.

Ben Olson says he was dropping off a friend after attending state fair when they saw the crowds near Sherman and Burleigh and decided to see what was happening.

"Let's go see what this mob of jungle monsters is doing." Seriously, are you that suicidal and oblivious to clear and present dangers? Did you believe everything they taught you in the public schmuel and on the telavivision?

“All that was going on was a group of people throwing bricks and other items at police but no violence between citizens at all,” Olson said.

The nightmare creatures were just throwing bricks at the "five-oh," it seemed safe enough. There are Swedes that are more suspicious and vigilant than this kid.

“Luckily the only thing that got hit inside of me was a small piece of my vertebrae which caused some numbness to my hand,” Olson said.

My attempt to commit suicide by negro failed, I sure am lucky. God protects fools and drunks and the U.S.S.A., etc.

Unfortunately no one is in custody for the shooting.

No arrests were made.

We remind our readers that the police officer who shot and killed Sylville Smith is black but despite that, rioters shouted in the streets “black power” and “burn down whitey”.

It's almost as if they're moronic aliens that aren't compatible with a civilized White country, dear readers. But we know that's wrong, because of muh equality.

President Obama still hasn’t made a single statement about the riots last Saturday after another armed thug was shot by police, angering the lawless thugs in the community who rioted again.

The Kenyan sodomite tribal chieftain doesn't care about Whites that get shot or burning ghettos, surprise, surprise. I guess it's safe to say that Democrats are the real "racists" and we'll fix this mess by voting cuckservative.

Full Story.

Big chimping up in Mil-wah-key.


  1. Some are brainwashed and others are just stupid. They know a good one. There are no good ones. They act human when they're alone and only go back to their ape fashions when they have back-up. The lesson here is to catch them alone. On their own, they're scared. They don't understand our world and they cannot face Civilization without their jungle tribe helping to destroy it. They have no future. Time has passed them by, you can help them best by helping them out. All the way out.

  2. Yeah...got the shit beat out of me by seven of these young smelly super orcs....i was 15...damn near 35 years ago....in Kill-adelphia....these mutant jibblers are a force to be reckoned with...in packs.

  3. Yeah...got the shit beat out of me by seven of these young smelly super orcs....i was 15...damn near 35 years ago....in Kill-adelphia....these mutant jibblers are a force to be reckoned with...in packs.


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