Stalinist Office at Georgia Tech Will Make Reality Go Away

In a few days the communist indoctrination center, or college as it used to be called, victims will be returning to their "studies." You can almost hear the kosher cash registers ringing up the sales. Go into jewish debt goyim, for the privilege of being told how evil you and your people are over and over until you believe it and then finally "graduating" as an unemployable human derelict that owes six figures to the money thugs. You have to wonder how much longer this unbelievable kosher scam can last, how much longer Whites will be willing to pay obscene sums to be indoctrinated into our State Religion of buggery, White genocide and worship of the hostile alien. And look! Here's a new "diversity" office that your tuition purchased, suckers!

In an effort to strengthen the services that support the success of underrepresented minority and women students at Georgia Tech, a new center will both centralize current programs and expand its reach with new ones. 

Finally a nice centralized location for all your "Down with Whitey!" needs. That Western Civilization, it's got to go. I've got a chopper in my trunk for academic rigor and critical thinking.

This month, the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion launches to provide more programs and pathways to success for underrepresented students on campus.

We need fewer Whites in everything! Clearly "dem programs" and special "pathways," whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean, will help the low I.Q. shit-colored inferior navigate an increasingly diluted curriculum where hating normal White America earns course credit and learning to love Big jew is the primary standard by which your "progress" is judged. By the way, that student loan debt can't be removed by declaring bankruptcy, just so you know.

Learn a trade, White man.

The purpose of the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion is to serve students from all backgrounds and encourage them to be inventive leaders who think globally.    

Muh globalism. We need a lot more Somali rapefugees in Idaho, class.

S. Gordon Moore Jr., executive director, student diversity and inclusion, serves as the director of the new Center.

Imagine getting paid six figures to be the diversity jester in the merchant's court. For one moronic and pretentious negro animal this dream has come true. Shuck and jive for your jewish master, boy. This is the epitome of the useful idiot.

Learn all about "inclusion" from this 85 I.Q. genetic alien.

“One of the findings from Georgia Tech’s Climate Assessment Survey expressed feelings of marginalization by gender, race, and ethnicity among undergraduate and graduate students,” said Moore.

You might not be able to find a job or even form coherent thoughts in the kosher mind fog we're pumping you full of, but those hurt feelings are the top priority. You are a special and amazing miracle, just like all the other undifferentiated brown slaves, and we'll keep telling you this as long as your jewish pound of flesh is offered up every semester. You might even say that ALL lives matter, although some clearly "matter" more than others.

Focusing on the recruitment, retention, and advancement of underrepresented minority and women students, the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion houses the following units:

Systematic discrimination against Whites, the usual. It's okay because there were slaves back in our ancient history and we all know that "educating" a woman is a good use of our time and resources, especially at the cost of her having White children.

Office of Hispanic Initiatives (OHI) – Provides programs and pathways to success for the Hispanic/Latino community, primarily current and prospective students and their families, faculty, and staff. 

More like pathways under a fence and across an open border. How to loot America. 

Center for the Study of Women, Science, and Technology (WST) – Develops initiatives and collaborations that promote women faculty and student interaction around research and practices in STEM.

In the year ahead, the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion will offer an Outreach Initiative to assist Georgia Tech in discovering and developing its future pool of talented and diverse students.

We're practically guaranteed a new intellectual golden age now.

“I am excited to see how the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion can create synergy among units in sharing resources, insights, and connections to help increase the diversity of our student population,” said Auston Kennedy, undergraduate student, H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering.

"I look forward to becoming a hated minority in my own country, serving as a holocaust goat for all the predictable non-White failure and eventually being exterminated and forgotten."

Wow, look at all the different hair and eye colors. Diversity!


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