Sweden: No Prison Time for Somali Murderer

Most of the stories discussed on this blog are buried deeper than plague victims and never again see the light of day so it's a surprising bit of synchronicity when a Swedish "knifing gone wrong" story from earlier this year returns, complete with an appalling conclusion. To quickly summarize the events from January, a Somalian invader brutally murdered a blonde woman and than was presented to the court as a "child" despite being a fully physically mature jungle animal. The entire sordid tale was packed with typical Swedish behavior: welcoming violent foreign invaders, pretending they're human, failing to demonstrate even the most basic self-preservation instincts and committing national suicide in the name of "doing the right thing," muh GDP and muh insane do-gooding. Now we get the pathetic coda as the "child" well not be punished because that would be "racist."

Alexandra Mezher was murdered in January of this year by Somalian migrant Youssaf Nuur who stabbed the 22 year old to death in the asylum home where she worked. 

The predictable end-game of showing kindness, i.e. weakness, to the "religion of peace" and its savage and alien followers. If only there were more women in burqa-bags in kosher sugar water commercials, all of this could have been prevented. More surrender, more groveling, let's die for the jew.

The migrant had claimed to be a minor, but after it was revealed that the Somalian was in fact an adult he was put on trial for her brutal murder. 

Then we finally noticed this tar monster was an adult. It's hard to be too disappointed it took so long when ignoring reality is our national policy.

We need a lot more of this in White nations.

Over seven months after her murder, the migrant accused of stabbing Alexandra to death has been convicted of manslaughter, aggravated assault, and attempted aggravated assault. However, Nuur has not been given a prison term but rather sentenced to psychiatric care, Afton Bladet reports.

Must be more that non-White "mental illness" in a 60 I.Q. living fossil. Let's put this turd under the care of jewish psychiatry. The woman it murdered is still dead.

Although the prosecutor in the case wanted to see the Somalian man convicted for murder, the judge gave credence to the argument of the defence lawyer who said that the entire incident had been an “accident” and that the Somalian migrant had not intended to kill Ms. Mezher at all.

Getting a fat chick pregnant is an "accident." Brutally stabbing a free-range Swede is not. Still, good foreign invader of fighting age, turning that life around. About to become a welfare leech or street criminal. Really good "child," wrong place and time, unfortunate mistakes that were made, can't mourn forever, etc.

“It could have been a very sad accident,” claimed defence lawyer Claes Kennedy, who said that his client had accidentally stabbed Ms. Mezher repeatedly in a struggle for the weapon.

"Accidentally" and "repeatedly," two words that definitely belong in the same sentence when making excuses for a worthless piece of dog shit that's in your country to save your pensions or because it's the "right thing to do" or whatever jewish con-game you fell for.

But the prosecutor also noted that the man had to be restrained by several others in the asylum home until police arrived.

Yeah, I guess there is that little detail. On the other hand, it's an innocent little tar baby who just wanted to loot the corpse of your formerly White homeland.

According to the Rättsmedicinalverket, the Swedish national forensic medicine agency,  the Somalian suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts and as a result the court sentenced the man to psychiatric care with possibility of discharge under special review.

I was sad, so I stabbed a woman over and over. Seems plausible.

If the Somalian is discharged he will be deported from the country and will not be allowed back in Sweden until 2026 – a mere ten years. He is also being fined 300,000 Swedish kroner which will go to the family of the victim.

Because you killed a do-gooder, no Sweden for you for a little while. We might also garnish your welfare payments.

More "children" for Sweden.


  1. Nature doesn't play favourites. If you prove unfit to survive then you won't. Swedes are proving unfit to survive. Unless they can purge themselves of the jew mind poison and take appropriate action against the invaders of their country and the traitors who enforced this madness that will be the end of them. The same applies to whites everywhere else too.


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