The Montana Congo

The final desperate jewish offensive against an awakening White America is underway and it consists of placing the worst available genetic aliens in the Whitest remaining areas of the U.S.S.A. We need a lot more Somalis in Idaho, a lot more. Our kosher enemy has allowed the mask to completely slip. It was never about "diversity" or "doing the right thing" or "the endless atonement for muh slavery" or whatever other con game the globalist bankers offered as a feeble cover. The goal is, and always was, White genocide. Every last White must be hunted down, we must flood Montana with rapefugees fleeing a non-existent war. With the help of the sanctimonious cucktian do-gooder we'll aim this burst sewer pipe right at your community.

Missoula County in Montana has received its first refugees from the Congo—even though they have been living in a safe third country for more than a decade, and therefore do not qualify as asylum seekers under all international laws.

Muh international laws. The time has come to stop appealing to a rule of law that's so badly eroded it has lost all meaning. When a wise jewess somehow finds "more moose-limb immigration" and "fewer Whites in everything" in the plain language of muh constitution the writing is on the wall. We're not going to convince a hate-filled and ignorant enemy to start playing by the rules. They want us dead and will say or do anything to achieve this goal.

The Obama regime has undertaken to bring in at least 50,000 such Congolese “refugees” in the next two years.

You don't make anything better by adding 50,000 living fossils to it. Enjoy the "diversity" of poorly formed tar-colored hominids with an average I.Q. of 65.

According to the Missoula IRC office director, Molly Short-Carr, the Congolese are “doing well and just beginning to figure out how to use household appliances like their stove.”

Our amazing dirt should alchemize these wildly incompatible aliens into good little globalist assets in record time. An animal from the heart of darkness that would be considered mentally retarded if it was White should have no problem figuring out all those White inventions, what with its background of witchcraft amulets, huts made of mud and shit, spear-chucking and the awesome power of "we all beez equalz."

Delusional useful idiot brought in the African sewage.

The bogus nature of their claim to asylum is then revealed by the fact that they have been living peacefully in other countries in Africa at least since 2005—that is, more than a decade ago.
Wow, really? Next you're going to tell me all those moe-ham-heads flooding into Germany aren't actually "widows and orphans" fleeing "war." The jew lied, I can't believe it.

Another local media story revealed that the next wave of Congolese “refugees” will include at least 100 children who will be entering the local public school system this fall.

Here's the replacements for the children you didn't have, careerist Whites.

“Because of the long history of violence in DRC and the recent escalation of conflict in the Kivu region, durable solutions such as repatriation do not appear likely for Congolese refugees anytime in the near future,” the report added.

And it's clearly out job to act as an international flophouse for whatever dark scum can break the plane of our open borders.

The IRC is an “independent” organization which originated in a group set up by the German Communist party in the 1930s to help their Jewish activists escape Nazi Germany. The current IRC president is the Jew David Miliband, whose father, a well-known Marxist ideologue, fled to England from Belgium in 1940.

Every. Single. Time.

 Trust me.


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