Charlotte Burns

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar. A tar-complected career criminal who didn't do [anything] is gunned down by "races" five-oh while clutching a book in a tragic expression of the legendary negro love for the written word. Then physical evidence, the most "races" thing in the world, even worse than I.Q. testing or genetic research, ruins it all when it turns out the criminal animal had a gun and was shot by an "African-American" officer. Meanwhile, it's time to get that loot on. Never let the facts get in the way of opportunity to raid that Wal-Mart. This is a "protest" for "justice." This is a sickening lie. It's time to send the negro back to Africa.

The morning after violent protests erupted over the fatal police shooting of a black man, officials here called for peace while stressing that the man was armed and posing an “imminent deadly threat” when officers shot and killed him Tuesday near the University of North Carolina at Charlotte campus.

We can use the copy/paste function to quickly report on the latest typical negro failure and the burning cities that result. Just leave an empty space to plug in "Tuesday" and "North Carolina" and you're good to go. As this low-level civil war becomes more common you're going to want to save as much time as possible.

Sixteen police officers and numerous protesters were injured as the two sides clashed overnight, hours after Keith Lamont Scott was fatally shot by an officer from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Let's make some disappointed clucking noises, reflect on how all lives matter and try to pretend everything is fine. I'd recommend more negro ball. Just try to ignore those fists in the air from sullen brown monsters.

Scott’s family insisted he was not armed when he was killed outside an apartment complex, instead saying he was reading a book in his car at the time of the fatal encounter — a detail seized by protesters in Charlotte and on social media.

Seems plausible. The living fossil sits in the car, the most dangerous activity the genetic alien can engage in, getting dat larn on. It bee da bast aw tymes, it bee da wast aw tymes. Aw sheeet, dem races pigs be up in here. Don shoo mudda fudda, dis bee ah nahvel in muh paw.

Now that we have a special negro museum they should start behaving themselves.

The officers instructed Scott to drop the handgun, the chief said. “In spite of verbal commands, Mr. Scott exited his vehicle armed with a handgun as officers continued to yell at him to drop it,” Putney said.

If police instructed me to put my "book" down I'd just do it, but then again I'm not a 70 I.Q. shit monster that is unable to connect current actions to future outcomes.

“It’s time to change the narrative, because I can tell you from the facts that the story is a little bit different as to how it’s been portrayed so far, especially through social media,” Putney said. “So Charlotte, the challenge is ours.”

The jew media wasn't entirely honest, big surprise.

The demonstrations began peacefully, with some people chanting “black lives matter” and “hands up, don’t shoot.”

It stayed peaceful for several dozen seconds.

News reports and posts on social media later showed police in riot gear firing tear gas and rubber bullets at the demonstrators and some people smashing out the windows of police cars.

If you still don't think you need to be armed you're a lost cause.

Scenes from a healthy nation.

Early Wednesday morning, demonstrators shut down traffic on Interstate 85. Some protesters opened up the backs of tractor trailers, took out boxes and set them on fire in the middle of the highway, WSOC reported.

We must block traffic for "justice," set fire to cargo for "equality" and behave like animals to prove just how human we are. This is what we've purchased with decades of spending and groveling cowardice. These creatures aren't human. They need to be removed.

A few dozen others broke down the doors of a nearby Walmart, then dispersed when police arrived, according to the news station.

In the interest of creating a better union and establishing a rule of law that works for all races and creeds I'm gonna steal shit from dat wally marr.

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch called on protesters to remain peaceful, criticizing the violence that injured law enforcement officers and demonstrators alike.

It's a little late for that, dawg.

“Protest is protected by our Constitution and is a vital instrument for raising issues and creating change,” she said during remarks at a conference Wednesday morning in Washington. 

Muh dead scrap of paper clearly protects hijacking trucks, setting fires and other miscellaneous barbarism. It's in there, maybe on the back page or something, trust me I'm a negress promoted far beyond my meager abilities.

The officer who shot Scott is also black, police told The Washington Post.

Yeah. Isn't that something.

“My daddy didn’t do nothing; they just pulled up undercover,"

You might even say that he dindu nuffin.

Scott is one of at least 702 people who have been fatally shot by police so far this year, 163 of them black men, according to a Washington Post database tracking fatal officer-involved shootings.

Negroes are vastly under-represented in police shootings when you account for the fact they cause about half the crime. Clearly, we must have protests because statistics are evil White voodoo intended to keep the morlock underground.

Scott’s death came just one day after police in Tulsa released video of an officer shooting and killing an unarmed black man who had gotten out of a stalled SUV.

Stock up on ammunition now, while you still can.

The content of their character.


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