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Last night a presidential debate occurred and for the most part it was forgettable, save for the medical miracle that allowed the dyke bitch from hell to maintain verticality and lucidity for an hour and a half. The deck was clearly stacked against Trump, but his performance was solid once you take that into account. He made a strong showing on important issues like job loss to foreign nations and "why bee our cities barnin an sheet mudda fudda." Those expecting a nationalist vs. globalist gotterdammerung came away disappointed, but at this point what matters is winning over mush-headed "undecideds" and Trump's performance will, at worst, not damage his chances with the always critical "thumb in my mouth and/or anus" morons who are having trouble distinguishing between two radically different ideologies.

Elsewhere, the nation-wrecker is on the case, deploying more ham-handed propaganda in a desperate bid to save the millions of shekels they've invested in the lesbian witch. This effort features the unbelievably clever gambit of comparing Trump to Hitler, a rhetorical device that, to the best of my knowledge, has never been used before and should be absolutely devastating.

Back in 2008, comedian/actress Sara Silverman implored young Jews to schlep over to Florida to convince their grandparents to vote for Barack Obama, now it's the bubbes and zaydes who are stepping up to push the younger generation to vote for Hillary Clinton, in a hilarious video from Bend the Arc Jewish Action, an organization that brings Jews together to advocate for a just and equal society in the U.S. 

Rootless alien parasites, a stranger and outsider wherever they're found, a foreign presence that quietly eats at the foundations, the nation-wrecker, the money worshiper, the subverting chameleon, the enemy within, the jew.

Part of the campaign "#WeveSeenThisBefore" launched last fall, the new film cuts together grandparent after grandparent in a "loving" lecture to the young'uns, in which they diss Donald Trump and emphasize the importance of getting out the vote.

Bring on the rapping yiddish grannies! The jew demon is sure cool and with it, I think I'll vote for the destruction of my homeland. It's also surprising the carpetbag club would bring up the holohoax to make a political point, something they're normally extremely reluctant to do.

The lighthearted comedy, inflected with the more sinister history of persecution under Nazi Germany, makes for a particularly powerful punch:

Here's some bowel movement humor. Now the bodies of German civilians starved to death by Eisenhower in a mass grave. This is so powerful.

"We have seen this before, we saw it in Germany and we don't want to see it here," says one grandmother. Then, it's a litany of pejoratives, with the grandparents calling Trump a "narcissist," "petulant [like her own kid when he was little]," "far more than a putz," "definitely a tyrant," an "obnoxious, lying individual."

Speaking of winning debates and proving your points with irrefutable logic, here's some name-calling. That Trump is a giant penis! Vote for the witch, goyim!

Trust me.

But things are just getting good at this point, and then, the elders reveal what will happen if their grandkids don't vote for Hillary: "I'll haunt you when I die." 

I think you'll be too busy with other things to do that, namely being tortured for all eternity in hell.

"Boooooo!" says a grandpa, wearing a big white sheet with eye holes.

Wow, just wow. The jew is literally the KKK. It's 2016, bigot.

"I'll spoil every episode of 'Game of Thrones,'" says another granny.

We'd be much happier and healthier if more Whites would turn off the synagogue in the living room.

"We, as Jews, recognize that [Trump's] candidacy has echoed times when the Jewish community experienced the dangers of fascism, anti-immigration and persecution against religious minorities," said Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc Jewish Action. 

Did we mention he's Hitler and a uncircumcised putz, because these are the issues that matter, not an open southern border, endless foreign war, loss of jobs, loss of national pride, burning cities, more moose-limbs for Montana, may-hee-can drug cartels, 20 trillion shekels worth of sin debt and all those other minor trifles that should improve if we just continue to ignore them.

To create the film, Bend the Arc cast "everyday Jews, who were the best ambassadors to give this message," said Ms. Cotler.

The jew next door, the miniature Soros that you dumb shkotzim can relate to.

Hideous jewess hates Trump.

The organization had previously put out another ad, after Trump had made his comment about Mexicans being rapists and murderers. Since then, "We've been continuously ramping up," Ms. Cotler said.

They're not all rapists, killers or members of cartels. Some are merely harmless welfare colonists.


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