Honoring a Jewish Serial Liar

All animals are equal, but some much more so. This is why my spellcheck still doesn't think "Holodomor" is a word and why we must never forget Soviet war propaganda about shrunken heads and jew ash trays. If the evidence seems to be lacking, well that's just a test of your faith in the State Religion. Besides, we can put you in prison for noticing how the holohoax narrative keeps changing and shrinking. Just go along with it goyim, feel guilt for imaginary crimes and accept your own dispossession and destruction as fair retribution for the electric belts and gas ovens that claimed the precious shubblezillion but sure seemed to leave plenty of upright walking rats alive to wail about the sufferink. When these "victims" finally die at an advanced age, no doubt thanks to the lingering effects of nawrtzee atrocities, we must honor the rot. It's the right thing to do.

The US House of Representatives on Monday unanimously approved a resolution honoring the life and work of Elie Wiesel, the Holocaust survivor and prolific writer who died July 2 in New York at the age of 87.

A jewish con artist must be honored by our criminal government. It survived the horror of the not-see fire pits, after all.

The resolution “reaffirms Elie Wiesel’s efforts to preserve the memory of those who perished and to prevent the recurrence of another Holocaust, to combat hate and intolerance in any manifestation, and to never forget and also learn from the lessons of history.”

Well, we'll forget the obvious untruths about flaming ditches, boiling water baths and electrocution belts, but the "gas chambers" are completely real and legitimate unlike those other ones, honest. You can trust a jew, that's for sure. Now please numbly accept our campaign of White genocide.

Three members of the US Holocaust Memorial Council — Representatives Steve Israel, Patrick Meehan and Ted Deutch — introduced the resolution.

Having an organization that represents White interests is, of course, "racist," but this obvious conflict of interest among our elected criminals is just fine.

“After surviving one of the darkest moments in history, he spoke up and offered a voice to the voiceless,” Israel said on the House floor before the vote. “He offered hope to people without hope.”

The voiceless jew, lacking even the slightest influence, the innocent chosen of g*d persecuted for no reason.

Last month, a Jewish organization in the former Soviet Union 

Yeah. Imagine that.

inaugurated an exhibition in Moscow on Wiesel’s life.

Just in case you hadn't been reminded in the last hour or so, shkotzim.

Prominent figures from Russian Jewry, including the country’s two chief rabbis, Berel Lazar and Avraham Shayevich, attended the opening at the Israeli Cultural Center. The display features dozens of photos from important stations in the life of Wiesel,

Lots of great photography of that amazing vanishing tattoo, hopefully. Perform the stations of the life of Wiesel, you unclean meat. Get on your knees before a liar, a profiteer, a con artist and a piece of walking dog shit. Then go die.

Full Story.

Seems legit.


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