Jew Holohoax Survivor Scared of Trump

In the last few days we saw more pathetic negro appeasement followed by another outburst of the content of their character, another city consumed by fire. The negro is not getting better, it's getting worse. We have a sin debt of twenty trillion dollars worth of kosher funny money. Our border is open and undefended allowing foreign invaders to flood in and may-hee-can drug cartels to ply their deadly trade. We keep provoking Russia, we keep initiating disastrous foreign wars and by the way, how about a million Syrian fighting age men in 2017? Faced with this staggering malfunction it's difficult to say what the single biggest problem facing the rotting corpse of the U.S.S.A. is, unless you're a jewish con artist who is terrified of a return to nationalist sanity.

Pulitzer prize-winning historian Saul Friedlander, a world authority on the Holocaust, said Friday he would leave the United States if Donald Trump was elected president. 

Yes goyim, this wandering merchant is nothing less than a "world authority" on discredited soviet propaganda. Tell us all about the flame pits and the electric belts, shlomo. This worthless piece of shit has made a career telling anti-White lies and now wants to deal one more body blow to White America before it dies and becomes a new toy for a demon to play with.

The 83-year-old Israeli-American writer, who escaped the Nazis by being hidden in a Catholic boarding school in France, described Trump as a “dangerous crazy.”

Oy, I pretended to be cath-o-lick to survive the nawrtzees! I'd love to hear this scumbag's entire holohoax tall tale, but we're here to talk about the profound dangers of common-sense reform.

He said the controversial Republican candidate could win November’s election because of Hillary Clinton’s “tendency to lie and to hide things.

Yeah. The dyke bitch from hell does have those tendencies, there's no doubt about it.

“He says whatever comes into his mind.”

You dirty shkotzim and your speech crimes! You should be intimidated into silence while we destroy your homelands.

“We don’t know what (Trump) thinks,” said the writer, whose parents perished in Auschwitz after being handed over to the Germans by French police as they tried to escape to neutral Switzerland.

Wait, I thought you were in a boarding school in France? Oh well, it's not like it matters, the important thing is they went up the chimney over and over and were made into living room furniture after that. Besides, who knows what Trump is thinking! And he always speaks his mind! Both of these contradictory statements are true because Talmud. The important take-away is what if he starts up the gas ovens again?

This worthless jew turd doesn't like Trump.

“At the same time, there is a huge swathe of Americans, mostly poor, angry whites, who dream of having him in the White House.

The jewish contempt for normal White America. You're our cattle to rule over, you shouldn't have any voice in your criminal government.

“He is kind of a release valve for their anger against the ‘establishment’ represented by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

And also Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, the Bush family, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, the jew-run media, etc. How dare you oppose a corrupt establishment that hates you and wants you and your family dead.

Friedlander, who is based in Los Angeles, also warned of the rise of anti-Semitism and of Holocaust denial.

There was the usual wailing and rending of garments.

“Negationists are, in general, anti-Semites, and I am utterly opposed to debating with them. It gets you nowhere, they will always find a so-called detail showing that all these stories of gas chambers were a joke.

Those so-called facts always ruin everything so instead we'll just put people in prison for disagreeing with the State Religion.

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