More No-Go Zones for Sweden

We owe the genetic, cultural and religious alien absolutely nothing. We don't have some amorphous moral responsibility to let the scum in, we aren't bad people if we tell them "no" when they attempt to loot White homelands in the name of their moon god. We gain no benefit from their presence, they're not going to save our pensions or elevate muh GDP. Being told we need to open the gates for an invading army by spiritual lepers, nihilists and the jewish enemy is not a compelling argument. It's time for the suicidal and pathetic do-gooding to stop. We must save our lands. No one will fight it for us, this is our battle. This is our survival. Defeat and apathy are not options. In Swedenistan we see the heavy price that must be paid when a nation loses its mind and soul and can no longer defend itself from the enemygrants.

The inflow of asylum seekers in Sweden, a country with one of the most liberal laws towards refugees, is putting an increasing strain on the country's police. 

Who could have predicted this? I thought it was widows and orphans, poor dead beach boy and dead moderately injured ambulance boy. Look at these poor brown victims, goyim. Let them into your country you dumb unclean meat so they can stimulate the economy and create jobs for an embattled police force trying to control hostile animals eager to rape and murder their benefactors.

There are now reportedly 55 areas in the country, where the law is not fully upheld.

"Diversity." Our greatest strength.

The number has risen from 50 in February, when the police last gave a comprehensive report on the issue, and last week, when the law enforcement agency gave an update. 

Slow and steady decline, followed by complete collapse. Let's continue the failed kosher policy that are bleeding our country dry. The moe-ham-head horde should miracle themselves into good little Swedes any day now, just be patient.

“We have a major crisis. Many colleagues are choosing to quit,” police officer Peter Larsson told the Norwegian broadcaster NRK. “A drastically worsened working environment means many colleagues are now looking for other work.”

It sure is funny how this wasn't a problem when Sweden was homogeneous and White. Oh well, we don't want to be "racist" or g*d forbid "xenophobic" so let's make a willful effort to learn nothing from this unprecedented and insane decision to turn Scandinavia into Mogadishu North.

Welcome to Sweden.

If officers go into a no-go zone, they risk being verbally attacked or pelted with stones. Patrol cars may be set ablaze or stolen.

This is probably caused by indigenous Whites not being sufficiently deferential around the conquering mudslime soldiers. Please increase your groveling levels. Yes, even more than you're already doing.

One particular example is Malmo, Sweden's third-largest city, where more than 70 cars were set on fire by arsonists over several days. The police managed to arrest only one suspect while investigating those attacks.

On the other hand we were able to issue lots of parking tickets.

“No-go zone” is a loaded term with no clear definition and caused division earlier amid the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. Last year Paris wanted to sue Fox New for a report, which said no-go zones existed in the French capital.

Then the court watched this short video and that was the end of that.

The solution to moose-limb no-go zones.


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