Paris Gone to Hell

Please watch the following amazing video.

If you told me this was footage taken in sub-Saharan Africa I would have believed you. The only tell that we're in the rapidly dying west and not the decaying remnants of colonialism in the Heart of Darkness are the new cars zipping by, their drivers no doubt trying to keep as much as possible in the "blind spot." Everything is fine, just keep that pedal down until we're out of Africa, out of the sharia zone, past the burning cars and rapefugee camps. At least this proves I'm not "racist" of "afrophobic."

On the sidewalk the enemygrants have taken over. Doctors, engineers and scientists huddle in packs. Garbage is everywhere. We wander through a sea of tar-colored animals, identical looking and behaving "diversity" here to save our pensions and muh GDP but currently occupied with nothing, bopping their heads and gibbering about how gullible the French are in their alien tongues. The "women and children" are notably absent, instead it's fighting age skinnies fresh from the African sewer, an invading army setting up their camp of saints in a dead city. A disaster unfolds in slow-motion, a nation is conquered without a single shot fired.

Where is the Frenchman, the descendants of Charlemagne and Charles the Hammer? Where is the spirit of the resistance that saved Europe from the nightmare of the evil nawrtzees? In their place are pathetic White males who have been chemically castrated by the talmudvision, the "hate" laws, the criminal government that does not represent them in any way. We'll tell you that you're evil and need to die and as long as we keep hammering this kosher drum, you'll believe it. Don't have children. Chase careerism. Become weak and cowardly. Die. Inherit a hell on earth, a jewish ruin that is indistinguishable from Mogadishu.

What part of "aux armes" didn't you understand?

This is the grim future that awaits every White nation if we continue to swallow obvious lies from the nation-wrecker, if we surrender our homelands to the dark hordes in the name of good feelings and some imaginary moral principle. Sanctimony means nothing to the cold earth, it means nothing to the unfeeling bodies it accepts. Self-loathing is not a virtue, suicide is a mortal sin. We must save our people. The last century was the jewish century, a disaster for Whites. This one will be the struggle between the restoration of nationalist sanity or the false song of globalism. We all have a lot of work to do.


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