Record Tribal Warfare in Chicago, Milwaukee

The negro is incompatible with civilized White countries. In order to wedge these useless genetic aliens into our society we can either attempt to buy them off with welfare and groveling, try to control the content of their character with segregation and harsh punishment or simply let them run wild and pretend everything is fine. For the last fifty years in the U.S.S.A. the strategy has been appeasement and trying to somehow transform a failed branch of humanity into something resembling a pathetic, cut-rate White. This failed attempt to teach the negro basic civility is now being abandoned in favor of an all against all that can't be stopped because that would be "races." Attacking the rule of law has consequences, and we see them in an abundant harvest of bullet-riddled nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) in Bodymore, in Chiraq, in Detroit Rot City and now the Milwaukee zoo.

Chicago saw its deadliest month in two decades in August, recording 90 homicides for the month, the city's police department said Thursday.

Clearly gun ownership, White "racism," the legacy of slavery, pilgrims, the po-po and evil root wizards are responsible for this staggering explosion of homo erectus pathology.

The last time the city recorded 90 killings in a month was August 1996, according to Chicago Police Department data. Last month, there were a total of 384 shooting incidents and 472 shooting victims, police said.

In other news, the Africa Ball is starting. You're definitely going to want to waste many hours of your life watching jungle monsters play grab-ass while you poison yourself with kosher booze and pills. Please ignore that your cities are now African war zones.

Chicago is on pace to have more than 700 homicides by the end of the year. The city hasn't had more than 600 homicides in a year since 2003, and not more than 700 since 1998, according to records.

Probably just a coincidence that this happened after constant attacks on law and order from the criminals in our government.

Ninety miles north of Chicago, police in Milwaukee said that city, which was roiled by violence recently after the police shooting of a black man, had its deadliest month for homicides in 25 years.

Who could have predicted this?

Chicago Police blamed the increase in violence on repeat offenders using illegal guns.

Please revise this already pathetic obfuscation to contain references to "races" Whites, the need for fewer rights and more wasteful dead-on-arrival "fix the negro" programs.

"The historical cycle of violence we have seen in some communities must come to an end," Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said in a statement. 

Don't worry, an 80 I.Q. magic negro that literally doesn't know its right paw from its left is on the case. We gots tah enn dis hysterical sickle aw violins, mudda fudda. Politicizing the dirty, ugly job the police are handed is clearly the best way to achieve this.

Wick juan be muh raht, missah jew?

"Repeat gun offenders who drive the violence on our streets should not be there in the first place, and it is time to change the laws to ensure these violent offenders are held accountable for their crimes."

Punishing the negro murderers? Are you sure that isn't "races?"

The department said five districts on the city's South and West sides account for the majority of the violence.

Please ignore the obvious demographics shared by those five districts.

Let's blame guns for this.


  1. Long time follower - first time commentator. Just wanted to say thank you for keeping this blog going and your commitment to getting the informtion and the reality of our situation upfront and current. Frustrating as it may be I'm sure you woken up many. However, that are many who refuse to look - they are either Judaized Chruchians or just don't care. To them I'd like to say:

    "To continue to ignore the problem because it is politically incorrect is suicide and immoral and ungodly. They live today as they have for millennia. The only solution is when civilization is imposed on them and those who violate the law are punished. Modernly, crimes are not punished; they have increased in such numbers (on welfare, being paid more for each illegitimate child, while whites are taxed more for each child) and were allowed to vote and then vote their own into office in our land, and our laws were changed and the nation which was once a city on a hill, has now returned to the jungle."

    "--and God's people sit silently and do and say nothing; the blood of all the innocent victims in the nations of Christendom is on the hands of every true believer who does not speak up and call a spade a spade."

    "Woe unto them that call good evil and evil good; therefore is there wrath upon you from before the almighty; you reap what you sow, if you forget my law, I will forget your children; but return to God with all your heart (which means rejecting everything that is not of God and embracing everything that is), and He will be merciful upon us, deliver, heal, and restore us."

    "How long to people want to wait before they will repent before God; fall on their faces and cry out..? do they want to wait until the savages are outside THEIR doors with their machetes and gasoline cans...? When was the last time (if ever) that YOU travelled through downtown Miami, LA, NY, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detriot, Houston, etc. They are all war zones. Whole sections of Miami or LA haven't spoken English for 75 years and all the stores and billboards have been in Spanish in those areas for over 50 years--and it is spreading like cancer to the suburbs."

    Oh, well, it is FOOTBALL SEASON . . . . . Stay safe in Yeshua by brother. Peace.


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