The Legion of Black Collegians

As we all know the communist indoctrination centers or "colleges" as they were once known, are hotbeds of deeply plausible "bias incidents" featuring evil White caricatures and long-suffering and noble browns absorbing the endless and highly believable abuse with stoic grit. There's the "races" administrators who have devoted their entire sad lives to cultural marxism, the horrific chalk crimes and, of course, lots of "hate" from rank and file White debt victims. Clearly a lot more needs to be done, especially at the University of Missouri, a school where "racism" is aggressively promoted from the top on down and powerless Tar-Americans struggle mightily against the "institutionalized racism," usually with the help of rat-faced men with weird little caps on their heads.

Two black students at the University of Missouri at Columbia say they were verbally assaulted outside a fraternity house late Tuesday night when students yelled racial slurs and obscenities at them, according to a statement by the university’s Legion of Black Collegians.

Oy vey, verbally assaulted by the White devil. No evidence will be provided for this very credible incident, nor is any needed. Whites are bad, just sit through any given lecture during the week. This is why it's extremely likely that in an atmosphere where even looking at a "minority" wrong could get you expelled the Ice People screamed the "En Word" at Crabgrass-Americans.

Also, "Legion of Black Collegians." Yeah, really. Sounds like something you'd read about in today's dead gay jewish comic books. Meet the Legion of Black Collegians! There's The Master Debater (Nigga Bodies! Ah! Ah!)! The Incredible Africa Ball Running Boy! An Extra Hundred Points on the Entrance Exam Hero! Malcolm X-Man! Forced Resignation Woman! The Amazing Gibs! Now meet the team leader and mentor, The Traveling Merchant!

University officials announced Wednesday afternoon that the fraternity involved, Delta Upsilon, was temporarily suspended. 

Speech Crime must be swiftly punished. This is good practice for the Orwellian nightmare state you will live in after you leave here a hopeless derelict with crippling kosher student loan debt.

Great job explaining how queer bodies (Ah!) can't survive, ladies!

The reported incident has echoes of the events that preceded the turmoil on the campus last year, when protests and a boycott by the football team led the system president and the flagship chancellor to step down.

Once the negro realizes we'll do anything they demand, they're bound to start respecting us!

The president of the student body at the time reported being accosted and called a racist epithet, as did members of the Legion of Black Collegians.

We can definitely trust the LOBC to tell the truth about the evil honkeys. It's not like they have some agenda or anything.

In the wake of the protests, which included a graduate student’s hunger strike, the university rolled out a series of diversity initiatives.

Learn a trade, White man. If you must go to the communist indoctrination center major in a STEM field, don't take out any loans and get used to saying 2 + 2 = 5 around the new kommissars we've brought in as part of a "diversity" initiative to reduce the number of Whites.

“I am outraged and saddened to hear of this!” Hank Foley, interim chancellor of the Columbia campus, said in a written statement. 

Please don't demand my resignation, garbage people.

“The safety and security of our campus is our No. 1 priority; the University of Missouri is committed to fostering an inclusive campus environment where all students, faculty, staff, and visitors can live, learn, work, and feel safe.” 

If The Party says the stars in the sky are actually small fires a few kilometers away, I believe it!

The Legion of Black Collegians said this latest incident shows how much work is left to do.

Much. More. Needs. To. Be. Done!

“It is blatantly obvious that all of this superficial work has been nothing more than a discussion with little action behind it,” the group’s statement read.

Dem waist-full poogams ain shuttin up dem craka debils an sheeet. We bee kneading mo axe-shawn up in dis beeatch.

The group also said it was working with administrators “to develop policies and identify follow-up actions to eradicate these instances in the now and in the future.”

Please have your credit card ready...

The blacker the college, the sweeter the knowledge.


  1. Woke millennials need to avoid
    Marxist college experience altogether and head straight to the workforce.
    Mcdonalds is mundane and repetitous...but youll have no ponytailed kike "proffessors" teaching you to detest yourself.
    Redemption (from what?) thru honest labor.


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