U.S.S.A. Continues to Fracture

A nation is shared culture, religion and genetics. It is not a kosher bazaar where interchangeable consumerist pieces can be easily added without dramatic consequences. The shekel and muh proposition nation make a poor substitute for the call of the blood and it couldn't be more obvious in today's deeply divided and flat-lining U.S.S.A. The "African-American" was always the first word and never the second and any comically optimistic hope that we could somehow get the genetic alien interested in classical liberal ideas has withered on the vine of tribalism. The negro is loyal to the negro, not to our dead gay country. It's time for Whites to start thinking the same way.

Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest has started a ripple effect across the sports spectrum, reaching other NFL players, soccer stars and even high school student athletes. On Wednesday, his protest trickled into the Missouri Legislature.

It was probably just a matter of time before a wise negress took time off from wondering if Guam is going to tip over to engage in the sort of useless grandstanding that typifies this failed race. Instead of a touchdown dance let's make a big show of our disdain for a nation that grovels before us and offers endless appeasement. More always needs to be done, much more.

State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, a St. Louis Democrat, refused to stand while her colleagues recited the Pledge of Allegiance in the state Capitol. She said her silent protest on the Senate floor was intended to show solidarity with the San Francisco 49ers quarterback.

I pledge allegiance to the fag. And to the rectal damage for which it stands, dozens of victim groups under ZOG...hey, come on La-ah, stand up and join me in this marxist drivel.

Nasheed, who is black, said she wants to call attention to those issues and isn’t “anti-America.” Nasheed’s protest was met with silence in the chamber. 

Typical White behavior. We'll just silently tolerate the negro pathology and hope it magically stops on its own. Cowardice will keep us safe from jungle monsters unleashed by the criminal jew.

I ain standin' foe no wack ass plage.

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, a former GOP candidate for governor who presided over the Senate Wednesday, released a statement calling Nasheed's protest an "occasion for great sorrow."

Maybe you should have told the recalcitrant living fossil directly, but that would require actual spine and you are GOP after all, so keep looking at the wall and don't try to direct while the "great sorrow" has its way with your wife and daughters.

He said he worried about "the example she is setting, particularly for our young people."

Hopefully the RepellingCohen party will counter this bad example with a "It's totally rad to bend your knee to Israel!" campaign for the youngsters.

U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe, who already drew controversy for kneeling during the National Anthem before a club match, knelt again before the U.S. match against Thailand Thursday.

All fourteen fans were shocked and appalled by the tacky behavior of this dyke.

After the game, which the United States won 9-0, U.S. Soccer issued a statement to ESPN that said representing the country is a "privilege and honor" for any play or coach associated with the national teams.

After we ran up the score on hapless Asian rug munchers it seemed appropriate to make this statement.

It was unclear whether Rapinoe would face any sanctions from the federation.

All signs point to "no."

Muh democracy.


  1. Eff them. Ship all of these dindus who are oppressed so terribly back to the most modern and free continent in the world; Africa.

  2. Eff them. Ship all of these dindus who are oppressed so terribly back to the most modern and free continent in the world; Africa.

  3. This is great. Thinking that IKAGO wants to act like YT is the last refuge for your basic bitch conservative. Even Bern victims think this due to their hipster vibrant friends. I hope they all show the world their true colors every day. Red pills will be handed out en masse. This is my go to blog along with Daily Stormer, SBPDL, TRS, and Info Stormer


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