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The Nasty Woman Empire

You know you live in interesting times when a jew pervert's sexually-charged conversation with a minor might be remembered as the turning point in saving Western Civilization. The media gas-lighting has stopped (Dyke Bitch from Hell up by twelve percent! She might win Arizona!) and the kosher wailing has begun. It's time to grab them by the electronic devices and finally drain the semitic swamp. We're going to win. All that remains to be determined is how much prison time the lesbian witch is going to get and how high the wall will be. Thank you jew sleazebag for not controlling your horny level. You have become the goyim equivalent of "righteous among the nations."

But what about the nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!)? Specifically, can negro women wear shirts with a failed Hillary Rotten slogan on them without the male negro assuming they are of questionable moral fiber? This is the real issue that must be discussed in depth, because we all know that the problems facing th…

Attempting to Explain Negro Ball Ratings Dive

Why aren't the shkotzim watching the amazing jungle ball schwoogies who are capable of running around and dry-humping for several consecutive seconds before yet another advertiser-friendly lengthy pause in the "action?" Obviously the answer must be the election and maybe all those other excellent kosher alternatives the electronic synagogue vomits into your living room. One thing is for sure, it's not negro fatigue. The unclean meat are going to continue their cuckold love affair with the living fossils, trust me. Also, please ignore an actual survey done on the topic by some gentiles that comes to conclusions that are very uncomfortable for the jewish Africa Ball circus ringmasters.

There are many reasons why the NFL’s ratings are down in 2016. 

The amazing pageantry of obese jungle creatures kneeling and wearing pink shoes might actually be losing appeal among White sports zombies, if you can believe it.

You may be dismissive of the very idea that the backlash to th…

Chicago: Shootings Across the City

I'd like to start by making it abundantly clear that this is a new article, dealing with recent events and not a cut-n-paste of previous Chiraq pathology. I understand the confusion, since the details and negro names do tend to blur together, but I must assure you that what follows deals with last weekend's monkeyshines and is not a reprint or a composite of the Chicago Plantation tribal warfare. It will just appear that way, because the negro and la-teen-oh animal are completely predictable in their failures. Perhaps it is a little surprising that we're still putting up big shooting numbers in late October, but a combination of the eroding rule of law, apathy, Whites fleeing the rot, cowardice, total ineptitude from the magic negro Top Cop and the skeletal jew mayor and the general decline and fall of our cities will have to suffice as an explanation.

Eight men were killed and at least 30 other people were wounded in shootings across the city between Friday evening and Sun…

Minnesota: More Spending Needed for Somali Invaders

All human being are equal. Obvious differences like skull shape, burry hair, muzzles, receding foreheads, giant nostrils and so on are merely superficial variation that has no bearing whatsoever on that essential equality. The only reason Somalia isn't as prosperous as pre-suicide Sweden is because of temperature differences, infectious diseases, White "racism," the legacy of colonialism and possibly curses placed by evil root wizards. That Somali with its misshapen head, tar-colored skin, jagged rat teeth and deformed head is fully human. Its 60 I.Q. is a social construct, its predictable failure the result of something you did. Just keep spending and they'll start behaving, just ask Minnesota, aka Sweden the State, where more wasteful programs should alchemize these obvious genetic aliens into good little citizens and consumers, just you wait.

Minnesota’s largest Somali nonprofits are teaming up to present a unified lobbying front to the state this winter.


Negro "Teens" Attack College Students

Today's story features what the cultural marxists call "intersectionality." Start with the Philadelphia negro, a worthless and dangerous animal roaming the decaying ruins of the U.S.S.A. Throw in some student loan debt victims wandering around their kosher kollege, free-range cattle for the nightmare monster to prey upon. Top it all off with the eroding rule of law and pound-sign black lives matter making it impossible for police to prevent the monkeyshines. The end result is memory hole fodder, another glimpse into the coming collapse, a nation of violent and moronic aliens and slumbering White Eloi being torn to pieces.

Philadelphia police say they’ve arrested four teens on assault charges in flash mob attacks around Temple University in which college students were beaten, an officer was knocked down and a police horse was punched in the face.

The real-life negro is a little different than the one you see on the talmudvision. College students finally get a real educatio…

The Judicial Emergency

Earlier this year I discussed a story from Austria involving a rapefugee invader and its "sexual emergency." The solution was brutally sodomizing a boy who had to be hospitalized after the attack. As expected this entire vomit-inducing tale of cowardice, weakness and a pedophile desert cult claiming war trophies was quickly sent down the memory hole and I didn't really ever expect to hear anything more about this appalling incident. You can imagine the surprise when not only did it come back on the radar but returned as a fresh outrage. An Austrian court is now attempting to get moe-ham-head released because the enemygrant isn't compatible with our White civilized nations and as such can't be held to our legal standards. This is a very wise and sane conclusion the is undoubtedly going to have a positive long-term impact on your rapidly dying homeland.

An Iraqi asylum seeker who confessed to raping a 10-year-old boy in a swimming pool, claiming it was a "sexua…

When the Germans are Gone

The incredible prosperity and success of White nations is not some fluke of fortune. It wasn't caused by climate and latitude and we don't owe it to germs and steel. The desire to conquer the natural world, to build great civilizations, to discover and understand, these are written by a divine hand in our genetic code, just like the negro is programmed for failure. This is common sense, something every intelligent person understood a century ago. Today it is a crime to speak these words in many dying White nations. The foreign invaders flood in and then are shocked to discover that after the indigenous Europeans are dead or fled the same pathology that crippled their desert homeland settles in and everything falls apart. Genetic determinism is real, "doing the right thing" is a social construct.

German migrants are hitting out at Angela Merkel's open door immigration policy and the influx of NEW migrants saying it has wrecked their standard of living.

A certain pe…

Africa Ball Ratings Plunge, Election Blamed

The jewish circus on the talmudvision every Sunday provides one of the few venues where the negro can be presented as something other than a total and abject failure. Even in the "look at that boy run" arena it's becoming more difficult to present the mythology of negro value, as their typical behavior has been shining through more and more, with the encouragement of the traveling merchant. More and more Whites are getting sick of investing time and money in this sickening kosher spectacle, realizing that there's better things to do than watch an obese jungle monster in pink trim engage in kill Whitey tribal rituals during the cargo cult patriotism. Meanwhile, the jewish wire-puller is in full damage control mode, attempting to find holocaust goats to drive into the desert rather than face the reality that the number of sleeping White sports cucks is rapidly declining.

The National Football League is seeking to ease concerns about a sharp drop in TV ratings during the…

Africa Ball Protest Ends With Negro Team Imploding

We'll talk about and laugh at the negro ball follies in a moment, but first I have to mention the perfect metaphor for the political establishment. The dyke bitch from hell mobile dumps shit into a sewer. The waste product is decades of lies, corruption and jewish manipulation. The sewer is the debased population of the U.S.S.A. Here comes the vile Hillary liquid evil down the side of a bus, folks! Much more needs to be shat out, much more. Tonight the lesbian witch will be hammered in the final debate, hopefully stroking out or having a carpet-eating tantrum. It's time to turn back the evil tide. We're going to make America great again.

Anyways, here's a story about how the negro still doesn't grasp this whole "civilized nation" concept and continues to produce the same predictable failure.

When the Beaumont Bulls, a youth football team in eastern Texas, decided to take a knee at a Sept. 10 game, the response was swift - and vicious.

Prepping the Beaumont…

The Latest Chicago Tribal Warfare

There's only one race: the human race. There was a time when this kosher delusion represented Right Think. It was an acceptable filler sentence to say in a tone of solemn enlightenment when the latest negro pathology was accidentally mentioned. If you use this platitude in Current Year, it turns out you're "races" so please update your Right Speech vocabulary to include references to "structural racism" and "White privilege." If you want to really impress everyone with the education you paid so dearly for, bring up "intersectionality" or "critical race theory." Hopefully the uncomfortable conversation will end shortly after this, before you lose your job or freedom.

Let's try it out. This weekend in the Chiraq all against all 8 died and 40 received a free vacation in the white-wall hotel as dropping temperatures did little to halt the tribal warfare. What can we say about this? Looks like the legacy of slavery, the evils of…

A Real Hate Crime

The coming election is going to determine if any salvation remains for the legacy American rump-state short of complete collapse and the horrific violence that would follow. Worse is not better, it's worse. A series of defeats will add up to extinction, not victory. In the last several months more and more Whites are showing a willingness to stand up to the rot. Now is not the time for cowardice and apathy. Our jewish enemy has increased the attacks to unprecedented levels. We're now seeing suppression, lies and open attacks within the rotting body politic, the final failure of muh democracy. Whatever the result of the 2016 election the Rubicon has been crossed. The U.S.S.A. is gone, the scramble begins to replace it with a brown consumerist hell or a reborn American ethnostate. The fires have already begun to burn, fires in the minds of awakened Whites and flames of hate crudely deployed by our enemies.

Gov. Pat McCrory Sunday called the weekend firebombing of a North Carolina…

The "Racism" Police

Independent thought is bad. It can lead the goyim in directions that aren't approved by the ruling synagogue, it can expose the unclean meat to hate facts in the form of irrefutable scientific studies, crime statistics and comparisons of forehead slope between races. This is undesirable, of course, because the jew wants you to slouch toward the pre-dug grave of "diversity" and even grumbling a little during this final walk of shame is a crime. What we clearly need is a sort of special law enforcement, a secret police if you will, to monitor for the crime thoughts. Then we can place the wrong-thinkers in some sort of gulag. This is a good idea that has never been tried before.

A plan to eliminate racism unveiled last week by the Netherlands’ Denk (Think) party contains proposals such as creating a 1,000-man strong “Racism Police” and renaming of streets and museums associated with Holland’s colonial and slave-trading history.

The thinking man's party, clearly. What cou…

Scenes from the Apocalypse

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to share this with slumbering Whites.

I'm not even sure anything needs to be said. Weakness, apathy and cowardice demand payment and in Paris the bill is being called in. Streets covered in garbage, hostile foreign soldiers, a country that committed suicide to appease the jewish enemy. They are not going to sing any hosannas for our decaying remains. First a hated minority, then a despised cadaver. Doesn't anyone care that we weren't "racist?" Does it matter to the maggots feasting on necrotic flesh that we did the "right thing?"  Still, more needs to be done. We need to cremate the remains and scatter the ashes to the winds of "diversity" and kosher spiritual poison.

Then the endless dark night, the nightmare of savagery and superstition, humanity plunged into a Dark Age from which it will never again emerge. The genetic code of the racial inferiors plainly written in heaps of trash, all again…

American Golem to Monitor "Anti-Semitism" in Europe

The U.S.S.A. has a sin debt of 20 trillion shekels. We have an open southern border which welcomes drug cartels and welfare colonists. Our culture is a sewer of jewish pornography and anti-White drivel. The next generation can expect to have a lower standard of living than the previous one. Whites will soon be a minority. Our cities are burning, the rule of law is collapsing. A cabal of jewish criminal politicians is pushing us toward nuclear war with Russia. None of these things are important. What is important is combating European "anti-semitism," also known as noticing the profound negative impact the jew has on their host nations. This madness is clearly in our best interests and the right thing to do. The rotten structure is coming down, but at least we made token efforts to stifle free speech thousands of miles away.

Motivated by what they described as rising anti-Semitism in Europe, members of a Congressional bipartisan task force introduced legislation Friday that ai…

"Baton Control" in Sweden

A nation is not a proposition, a set of vague and unrealistic ideas or an ancient yellowed scrap of paper. It is not an open club that anyone can join without bringing anything of value to the table and without any interest in following the club's rules. It is blood, culture, genetics, religion, shared vision, language and race. You can't alchemize a sub-Saharan living fossil into a Frenchman, a Syrian rapefugee doesn't become German because it broke the plane of an invisible border. The result of this weakness is a nation within a nation, a hostile neoplasm that attacks, demands and destroys. They don't become good little consumers for talmudic globalism, they become an enemy army in disguise until the day the alien is strong enough to massacre their benefactors. In Swedenistan Whites are getting uncomfortable about the whole "murdered by the scum we appeased" problem and are trying to feebly arm themselves, with their criminal government opposing this rare …

Judea Declares War on Trump

With his back to the wall, with the entire One Party system arrayed against him, with the kosher media criminals determined to end him at any cost, with everything on the line, Donald Trump went into the second debate and body-bagged the dyke bitch from hell. Our next President told the globalist hag, right to her sneering face, that she's going to prison. He asked why her ill-gotten millions weren't used to fund her campaign, why she's beholden to foreign powers and the jewish money thugs of the U.S.S.A. The lesbian witch discussed our moose-limb founding fathers. Trump worried about job loss. She wanted to talk about crude language in junior high locker rooms. Trump wants to fight Religion of Peace terrorists, the half-dead crone wants a nuclear war with Russia. A fly thought Hillary Rotten was a pile of shit and landed on her face. It was brutal, it was glorious, it was the performance that was needed. With the entire corrupt elite opposing Trump there was no room for e…