Africa Ball Protest Ends With Negro Team Imploding

We'll talk about and laugh at the negro ball follies in a moment, but first I have to mention the perfect metaphor for the political establishment. The dyke bitch from hell mobile dumps shit into a sewer. The waste product is decades of lies, corruption and jewish manipulation. The sewer is the debased population of the U.S.S.A. Here comes the vile Hillary liquid evil down the side of a bus, folks! Much more needs to be shat out, much more. Tonight the lesbian witch will be hammered in the final debate, hopefully stroking out or having a carpet-eating tantrum. It's time to turn back the evil tide. We're going to make America great again.

Anyways, here's a story about how the negro still doesn't grasp this whole "civilized nation" concept and continues to produce the same predictable failure.

When the Beaumont Bulls, a youth football team in eastern Texas, decided to take a knee at a Sept. 10 game, the response was swift - and vicious.

Prepping the Beaumont Bulls. Suck on your ball-gag, White sports fan. Watch those amazing "youths" run around and play grab-ass in between affirming their status as an alien outsider who has no place in a White nation. Decades of spending, bleeding and pathetic appeasement have earned no goodwill, no loyalty to our dead gay country or its vestigial symbols. The negro will start improving tomorrow.

Hate mail poured in from people who were outraged that the all-black team and its coaches had refused to rise during the national anthem. Some people called the 11- and 12-year-old players racial slurs and even threatened to have them lynched and burned.

Oy vey, the inherent evil of Whites! What's shocking isn't the highly dubious account of "letters" (In 2016???) full of crime words but rather that there are still Whites who feel some sort of perverse loyalty to the U.S.S.A. Come on pickaninnies, stand up for the Red, White and jew! Join delusional Whites in their cargo cult patriotism, we must all celebrate the land of the sodomite and home of the international banker.

"There are scenarios occurring in society that until this point in time, we have not had to address," the president said at the time. "We support the Beaumont Bulls."

The "educated" 90 I.Q. night terror explains the situation. Durr bee seen-oreos an sheet. We be dressin dem, we bee gattin dat Bull raddy.

Within a week, however, on the eve of the next game, things began to unravel. Tensions erupted between coaches, parents and league officials. Shortly after, players began to drop out.

Negro ball cancelled due to negroes.

And the home...of the...slave.

The league's athletic director said the season was cut short because too many players left. The head coach, however, has suggested that it all stemmed from the protest.
Well, we all know the real problem, namely White "racism."

When the hateful messages and death threats came in, team and league leaders backed them.

Say you love the rotting sodomite national corpse! I'll kill you if you don't!!!

"It is our hope and desire to cultivate young men that will be leaders in our communities that will make a difference in this world," the Beaumont Bulls executive board said in a statement a couple of days after the game.  

Lots of future oceanographers, neurosurgeons and rappers on your jungle ball squad, no doubt about that.

Details are murky and conflicting, but head coach Rah-Rah Barber told Bleacher Report that he was suspended because he had allowed parents to speak to the media and players to continue to protest.

LOL. Rah-Rah Barber. This animal is allowed to vote, possibly multiple times.

"We are an African-American board," league athletic director DeCarlos Anderson told KBMT. "Our membership is diverse. It's not a race thing."

Anything without Whites is "diverse" regardless of how monolithic it otherwise is. We bee a dah-verse ape-frackin murrkan bard. We gots dem yellas, dem corn-bawl niggas an dem mad-night dark fa-sails.

 Look at all the "diversity."


  1. Rah Rah Barber. I know, I laughed out loud also. This story has all the TNB all wrapped up in one little bundle. Just about as comical as the negro SA ratchets in the video wanting to get rid of the terrible 'white man's science and rely only on black magic and witchcraft. This is too rich. What a world we live in. Keep 'em coming.


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