Africa Ball Ratings Plunge, Election Blamed

The jewish circus on the talmudvision every Sunday provides one of the few venues where the negro can be presented as something other than a total and abject failure. Even in the "look at that boy run" arena it's becoming more difficult to present the mythology of negro value, as their typical behavior has been shining through more and more, with the encouragement of the traveling merchant. More and more Whites are getting sick of investing time and money in this sickening kosher spectacle, realizing that there's better things to do than watch an obese jungle monster in pink trim engage in kill Whitey tribal rituals during the cargo cult patriotism. Meanwhile, the jewish wire-puller is in full damage control mode, attempting to find holocaust goats to drive into the desert rather than face the reality that the number of sleeping White sports cucks is rapidly declining.

The National Football League is seeking to ease concerns about a sharp drop in TV ratings during the first month of the season, citing “unprecedented interest” in the presidential election as one of several reasons viewership is down.

To say nothing of the unprecedented interest in White self-interests and our future survival. The giant is waking up and he's not happy.

Total NFL viewership through four weeks declined 11 percent from last year, with prime-time ratings taking the biggest hit, according to a memo signed by NFL senior executives Brian Rolapp and (((Howard Katz))).

Don't worry gentiles, here's one of g*d's chosen and a mormon weirdo to explain how egg-ball fandom is not, in fact, in decline and we can expect the Awakened Saxon to tuck himself back into the kosher bed of bloated evolutionary dead-ends piling on top of each other any day now.

“While our partners, like us, would have liked to see higher ratings, they remain confident in the NFL and unconcerned about a long-term issue,” Rolapp and Katz wrote in the memo sent Thursday to the NFL’s Media Committee.

We might be losing some shekels but it's worth it to ramp up the levels of spiritual evil in preparation for the final attempt at White genocide.

 Keep watching the schwoogies, you dumb shkotzim.

TV networks are giving away more commercial time this NFL season than a year ago to make up for one of the worst ratings declines in a decade, a rare sign of weakness for the biggest draw on television.

At what point does muh geld become more important than encouraging negro violence against Whites and lawlessness in our dying cities? Destroying a nation or making a profit, the ultimate jewish dilemma.

The NFL said “a confluence of events” is affecting ratings, including the election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton diverting viewers to cable news outlets. 

That must be it. Joe Beer-belly spent all Sunday watching the Communist News Network present unbiased stories like "Trump is going to lose for sure" and "Dyke Bitch from Hell leads by ten points in Arizona." What's that you say? CNN's ratings are also way down? Huh. How about that. Maybe we can blame this on climate change.

The league also discounted the notion that ratings have fallen because San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other players have refused to stand for the National Anthem to protest social injustice.

It sure is nice how over fifty years of endless sacrifices made in a failed attempt to uplift living fossils is now considered "social injustice." If only we'd groveled just a little more, had a few more wasteful programs, we might see tiny improvements in negro behavior and maybe even some negligible amounts of gratitude.

“The NFL continues to be far and away the most powerful programming on television,” Katz and Rolapp said in the memo.

The goyim will keep watching this profoundly ugly semitic display. You wouldn't try to turn it off, would you?

Why are the ratings down?


  1. And so the Iron Law of Economics strikes down Goofball. When you go black, you go broke. The Anti-White jew, full of hate and stupidity slits his own throat to spite US. Kiss my ass schlomo. You're not US and never will be. You and they still suck. Go somewhere else and suck together. This is not a request.


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