Attempting to Explain Negro Ball Ratings Dive

Why aren't the shkotzim watching the amazing jungle ball schwoogies who are capable of running around and dry-humping for several consecutive seconds before yet another advertiser-friendly lengthy pause in the "action?" Obviously the answer must be the election and maybe all those other excellent kosher alternatives the electronic synagogue vomits into your living room. One thing is for sure, it's not negro fatigue. The unclean meat are going to continue their cuckold love affair with the living fossils, trust me. Also, please ignore an actual survey done on the topic by some gentiles that comes to conclusions that are very uncomfortable for the jewish Africa Ball circus ringmasters.

There are many reasons why the NFL’s ratings are down in 2016. 

The amazing pageantry of obese jungle creatures kneeling and wearing pink shoes might actually be losing appeal among White sports zombies, if you can believe it.

You may be dismissive of the very idea that the backlash to the national anthem protests, sparked by the 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick, has played a role in the NFL’s TV ratings, which have dropped by about 12 percent year-over-year. To continue to dismiss that is to blatantly ignore legitimate data on the subject.

All the rootless cosmopolitans, wandering merchants and nation-wreckers would please request that the goyim continue to ignore all legitimate data on the subject. Also, please ignore crime statistics, bastardy numbers, I.Q. tests, DNA evidence, etc.

A fresh poll from Seton Hall surveyed 841 adults across the U.S. Each respondent was asked to identify seven separate factors as a reason for the NFL ratings drop, allowing them to answer “yes” or “no” for each of them.

Did you stop watching the dark continent bladder-ball to train your mind and body for the coming collapse? My index finger slowly pushes in "one" to signal "yes."

The leading factor, according to the poll, was the national anthem protests, which scored “yes” at a rate of 56 percent. 

Who could have predicted? Better get CNN to do an obviously phony poll to negate these findings, just like they're doing for the 2016 election.

Other answers also scored “yes” at a high rate, including 50 percent of “yeses” for coverage of the presidential election, 47 percent for the league’s handling of domestic violence cases, 44 percent for the over-saturation of the market.

See, bongo-party violence and having ugly negro faces leering at you in high definition is only a factor for about half of the people g*d didn't choose. Everything's fine, keep consuming. No imagination. Obey.

"Over-saturation?" Who could ever get too much of this...thing.

Interestingly enough, the lowest score, tied with player safety at 33 percent, was “a decline in quality of play on the field.”

The boy is still able to run in a mostly satisfactory fashion, apparently. 

The point here, however, is that there are many Americans out there who view the players’ national anthem protest as a sign of disrespect to the American flag, the sanctity of which they take very seriously.

Many Americans believe the dripping, rotting, splitting open necrotic remains of their nation is somehow still alive.

Many emailers have cited the NFL’s decisions to not only allow players to protest the national anthem but disallow the Dallas Cowboys from honoring fallen police officers with a decal on their helmets as a “tipping point” for them to ultimately turn away from pro football.

Muh decals. All empty and patronizing gestures are equal, but some are more equal than others.

The NFL has long been one of the country’s most popular forms of escapist entertainment, and the injection of social and political issues into the broadcasts has turned a number of fans away.

The jew foolishly over-played its hand while it was winning, volume ten million.

Full Story.

I sure hope "my" negroes beat those other negroes.


  1. This group of proles, rubes, chumps are the hardest to get through to. When/If this group ever wakes up,it's game over.


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