"Baton Control" in Sweden

A nation is not a proposition, a set of vague and unrealistic ideas or an ancient yellowed scrap of paper. It is not an open club that anyone can join without bringing anything of value to the table and without any interest in following the club's rules. It is blood, culture, genetics, religion, shared vision, language and race. You can't alchemize a sub-Saharan living fossil into a Frenchman, a Syrian rapefugee doesn't become German because it broke the plane of an invisible border. The result of this weakness is a nation within a nation, a hostile neoplasm that attacks, demands and destroys. They don't become good little consumers for talmudic globalism, they become an enemy army in disguise until the day the alien is strong enough to massacre their benefactors. In Swedenistan Whites are getting uncomfortable about the whole "murdered by the scum we appeased" problem and are trying to feebly arm themselves, with their criminal government opposing this rare display of Swede sanity at every turn, of course.

Despite Swedes' reputation as a peaceful and mild-mannered people, confiscations of batons at Stockholm's Arlanda Airport have exploded in 2016, Swedish state broadcaster SVT revealed.

Owning a decent club is illegal in Minnesota: The Country. They are lambs to the slaughter, smiling friends of all humanity ready to bleed out on the moose-limb altar, a sweet savor to the ruling jew. Strange how that reputation for peace and love is eroding with the invasion of the dark hordes, it's almost as if there's real genetic differences between people groups and magical soil doesn't miracle moe-ham-head into a good little mild-mannered Scandinavian.

Confiscations of batons have sky-rocketed, and so far this year 3,177 batons, as opposed by only 147 pieces in 2014, have been seized by Swedish Customs authorities. The majority of the confiscated spring batons and telescopic batons are of Chinese make, the Swedish Customs Agency reported. 

The rich vibrancy of globalism. Chinese weapons to defend Swedes from African sewage. We truly are one world.

The customers are most often young men aged 18 to 35, who by their own admission want to protect themselves and their loved ones, yet elderly women also have been reported among baton buyers. 

Betrayed and abandoned by their criminal kosher leaders old ladies are trying to protect themselves from the moon cult invasion. Here in the U.S.S.A. you better be arming yourself and your family while it's still legal.

Swedish authorities were obviously taken aback by the findings and failed to produce a reasonable explanation.

It's such an impenetrable mystery. What could the explanation possibly be, other than the obvious one that will get me fired? Climate change? "Afrophobia?" Not enough speech crime laws?

You need to be armed.

"Most people we talked to said they need batons to protect themselves and don't intend to use them for criminal activities," Mats Pettersson continued.

Yeah. Imagine that. But we don't need protection, we have our delusion and sanctimony to do that.

In Sweden, batons and truncheons are forbidden in public places, as is cold steel.

Oy vey, not "cold steel." Why would a shkotzim need low temperature metal? Everything is fine, go back to silently dying, please.

Whereas the Swedish authorities refused to speculate on the reasons why law-abiding Swedes have decided to arm themselves, the mass acquisition of illegal weapons seems to coincide with a surge in crime that hit urban areas across the country.

You know what, I think there's just a chance that this might be the explanation!

Who could have predicted this?


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