Diversity Success Story: Chinese Angry at Negro Rapper

For all its faults, the Chinese Ant Farm has more sense than Western Europe when confronted with a negro. For reasons that remain inscrutable the reaction of many Whites to what is clearly a missing link between modern man and our ape-like forebears is to immediately assert the equality and special humanity of these monsters. This is clearly just a sun-tanned White with a receding forehead, a brow ridge, a muzzle, burry hair, low intelligence, lack of self-control, magical thinking and all the other evidence that points to a failed branch of humanity that remains permanently stuck in the Stone Age all against all.

The Chinese reaction to the living fossil is to call them "ghost slaves," and to mercilessly strip their failed African nations of natural resources. This has not gone unnoticed by the negro and when these two groups find themselves living together in the reeking privy that is today's U.S.S.A. it's not surprising that there's a certain amount of conflict. Consider today's story, where "get dat yella" refers to the actual yellow man and not mulattoes, for once.

A two-year-old hip-hop music video that depicts a home burglary in a "Chinese neighborhood," as the lyrics go, is angering some Chinese-Americans.

The impressive cultural and spiritual contributions that the vibrant morlock makes to the American salad dish. We bee rawbin da aunt fam an sheeet.

The song is called “Meet the Flockers” and is performed by Compton hip-hop artist YG. In the video, two men with bandanas around their faces set out to burglarize a house

Write what you know, as the English professors like to say.

"First, you find a house and scope it out, you find a Chinese neighborhood, 'cause they don’t believe in bank accounts...".

LOL. Get dat Chinee 'hood mudda fudda. It's almost as if forcing wildly divergent people groups together and expecting them to get along is the height of folly, but that can't be true because a jew said it was a good idea.

Once the actors playing the burglars enter a house, the camera shows a photo of an Asian family.

This is also noteworthy because it's the first time non-Whites were depicted as burglars on the talmudvision in several decades.

Here's a video of what happens when the negro tries to attack The Colony in real life:

The video went up on YouTube in 2014, but lately it has been making the rounds on WeChat, a Chinese social media app. San Gabriel attorney Qiang Bjornbak is among those in California and China who are angered by the lyrics, which they find offensive.

The last horse crosses the finish line. You've got quite the backlog of negro pathology to get through until you're back in Current Year, Middle Kingdom.

“The song seems to hit the racial stereotypes, and encourages possible crimes targeted at a specific Chinese group," Bjornbak said. "That is the problem."

Here's why it's a problem, declares the invisible model minority. More lyrics: Meet the motherfucking flockers/Make some noise if you've ever stole something in your life/Don't be ashamed, it's okay, baby/Make some noise if you've ever stole a dollar out your mama's purse/When she wasn't lookin while y'all was in Church

Totally compatible with both the classical liberal tradition of White civilization and the "every insect does its job" of the Jade Throne.

Police in Alhambra and San Marino, two communities with large numbers of Asian residents, said they’ve seen an uptick in burglaries. But Sgt. Jerry Johnson with the Alhambra police department is skeptical that a music video would cause burglaries to increase. 

If you want a successful career as a civil servant basic pattern recognition is a skill you'll want to lose right away.

“I can’t imagine it would," Johnson said. "To try to blame burglary statistics on a song is frankly just a little bit ridiculous.”

It's not like a 70 I.Q. mind with no future time orientation is easily influenced, right?

There's historic tension between some Asian-Americans and African-Americans, and the controversy over the song feeds into that, said Shana Redmond, an associate professor of musicology and African-American studies at UCLA. But the song itself should not be taken seriously, she said.

"Educated" sinecure negro to the rescue. Sure, we hate each other and here's a song that glorifies home invasion, but you should probably just ignore it and go back to sleep. Say, isn't there Africa Ball on the talmudvision this weekend?

"They take socks, coins, and DVDs — none of which hold true value. This isn't a heist; it's playtime."

It's just negro playtime, learn to have a sense of humor about it you stiff and uptight people without color.

Full Story.

"Playtime" is over.


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