Half-Dead Lesbian Witch Panders to Negro "Leaders"

As the support for the dyke bitch from hell continues to erode in the face of her latest embarrassing comments the desperation from the Evil Party is becoming palpable. It wasn't supposed to be this way. This was supposed to be a formality, a meaningless floor show for the goyim featuring a doomed cuckservative like Jeb Bush. The One Party System is collapsing, Nationalism is back in the public discourse and Trump continues to pull away in the polls. All that remains to be seen is how much voter fraud can be done while retaining plausible deniability in the name of preserving the failed establishment. Meanwhile the healthy Wise Womyn and intellectual giant Hillary Rotten returns to the dry well of begging evolutionary dead-ends for their support. This is the Wrong Side of History. It's 2016, get with the times. Pathetic racial pandering from a hate-filled crone. Wow. Just wow.

Hoping to energize the voter coalition that elected and re-elected Barack Obama, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton returned to Charlotte Sunday to offer support and a listening ear to an African-American community that’s hurting and angry following the police shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott.

Time to affix her cracked and bleeding lips to dusky backside. Come on schwoogies, vote for Miss Ann! She'll even sit there in a medically induced coma while you ramble incoherently about "racism" and "nigga bodies" (Ah! Ah!). What more could you want?

Standing at the pulpit, Clinton mixed Bible verses with headlines about black men who have been shot by police and others in recent years – including Scott, whose death sparked days of nationally televised protest, some of it violent, in uptown Charlotte.

"For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk; the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up." The morlock was clearly holding a sandwich and/or book, in the process of turning its life around, was too gentle to play Africa Ball, on the way to see Grandma, an aspiring oceanographer, seismologist or rapper, etc.

“It has been 12 days since Mr. Scott was shot and killed. Twelve days since his wife, Rakeyia Scott, watched her husband die, and seven children lost their father,” Clinton said. 

Yes, seven. Don't have children Whites! We have to save the "environment."

“We don’t yet know all the details about the shooting, but we do know this community and this family is in pain.”

This is one problem we can't solve by smashing phones with hammers.

Sane and healthy, full of great ideas.

Clinton put her arm around the girl and held her close as she spoke. Zianna “should be thinking about happy adventures,” Clinton said, but “instead, she’s talking about graveyards.”

This must have been caused by White "racism" and not the 70 I.Q., the poor impulse control, the inability to connect cause and effect, the high aggression, the receding foreheads...

Clinton had planned to be in Charlotte a week ago but postponed her visit after Mayor Jennifer Roberts asked that she delay the trip in the aftermath of the Scott police shooting on Sept. 20.

The real tragedy was this lost opportunity for vile political grandstanding. 

The shooting of Scott, an African-American father of seven, happened after police said he repeatedly refused to drop a handgun after they confronted him in his car, where they said they observed him in possession of marijuana.

The content of their character.

On Sunday, she again called for action, including more training of police on how to de-escalate tense situations that can lead to fatal shootings.

Let's make an already nearly impossible job even more difficult! I'm sure there won't be any consequences. 

They say that all of our problems would be solved simply with more law and order, as if the systemic racism plaguing our country doesn’t exist.”

The White devil wants to use his so-called "science" and "logic," as if the systemic witchcraft, black magic and root wizard curses plaguing our country don't exist.

“Of course we need safe neighborhoods,” she added, “but we also need justice. And dignity. And equality. And we can have both. This is not an either-or question for America.”

Ah donn feel no ways tarred.

The kosher candidate.


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