Judea Declares War on Trump

With his back to the wall, with the entire One Party system arrayed against him, with the kosher media criminals determined to end him at any cost, with everything on the line, Donald Trump went into the second debate and body-bagged the dyke bitch from hell. Our next President told the globalist hag, right to her sneering face, that she's going to prison. He asked why her ill-gotten millions weren't used to fund her campaign, why she's beholden to foreign powers and the jewish money thugs of the U.S.S.A. The lesbian witch discussed our moose-limb founding fathers. Trump worried about job loss. She wanted to talk about crude language in junior high locker rooms. Trump wants to fight Religion of Peace terrorists, the half-dead crone wants a nuclear war with Russia. A fly thought Hillary Rotten was a pile of shit and landed on her face. It was brutal, it was glorious, it was the performance that was needed. With the entire corrupt elite opposing Trump there was no room for error and last night he didn't allow any.

Suffice it to say the hedge-fund boys are not happy with this sudden reversal of fortunes. After all, they had Trump dead to rights with muh "War on Women" and Paul Ryan was all set to jump in as the sacrificial cuckservative loser. Not so fast, shlomo. With the latest kosher offensive swatted down the jew is showing signs of desperation. The parasitic outsider does not want to see their plans for White Genocide undone in the eleventh hour, not after an entire disastrous century of jewish attacks on the West.

I have been arrested at demonstrations, rushed by police lines, screamed at by angry strangers, and thrust into uncomfortable public arguments with elected leaders.

Oy, the sufferink. I got yelled at by shkotzim, had some uncomfortable conversations, it's like another shoah out there.

Yet, across years of activism, I’ve never been as frightened as I was when I attended a Donald Trump rally in my home state of North Carolina this summer.

Refugees, in Trump world, were a mere “Trojan horse” for a hostile takeover of America.

We all know that importing millions of religious, cultural and genetic aliens will have absolutely no impact on the host nation whatsoever. Just look at how well France and Sweden are doing, everything's fine, stop asking questions.

Latino residents should be torn from their families and communities and forcibly deported.  

Oh no, not la-teen-ohs! All they wanted to do was illegally loot America, I don't really see what the big deal is, we certainly shouldn't be removing Pablo from his forty children.

“Immigrants,” Trump’s nonsense category for covering all of these predominantly non-white constituencies, were snakes who could never be trusted. He actually read a crude poem of several verses to drive home this final point, to gleeful chants of “USA! USA!”

Not just a poem, but a "crude" one. The jewish alien, it really is the master of convincing oratory. It's surprising that they needed gulags and speech crime laws to keep the unclean meat subservient.

Most of us have only experienced Trump filtered through television or the newspaper, which encourage us to see the violence of the Trump campaign as merely alleged, or perhaps an unfortunate byproduct of his message. 

We all know the media is on Trump's side and protects him as much as possible. Can I ask what color the sky is in your world, hymie?

On this point we must be clear: there is a difference between supporting laws that are indifferent to the suffering of people of color, and advocating for new policies that will expressly victimize people of color. The former is wrong; the latter is something darker.

The former is another holohoax and you should be ashamed for not offering groveling appeasement to hostile outsiders. The latter is even worse, but since I already wasted all the scary words on chiding your reluctance to commit national suicide we'll just call it "darker" or whatever.

This is a unity campaign that draws on the universal values of the Jewish community, and we are calling on all American Jews to stand together against the violent white supremacy that Donald Trump’s campaign represents and has unleashed.

The mask has slipped off. The jew is openly at war with White Americans.

We are seeking, and challenging all Americans to seek, a country that is free from coercive violence, racism, and inhumanity.

And if you don't like it we'll throw you in prison or shoot you, you evil White cattle.

We are called to speak to each other out of our deepest ethical traditions, and right now that means giving each other the courage to oppose, with our voices, our votes, and our bodies, the introduction of racist violence into our national politics.

The wandering con-artist, the alien in every land it's found, the victim that cries out as it strikes you, the bloated parasite, the enemy within, the nation-wrecker, the jew.

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  1. No one, and I really mean no one, says it better than you.

  2. Brilliant post title.

    I'm sick as f**k of this sanctimonious, weaponized language boiling out from the diseased, alien minds of the (((enemy))) and its tools. H. Clinton is, among other things, a walking (barely) platitude machine.

    Mike in PA


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