Minnesota: More Spending Needed for Somali Invaders

All human being are equal. Obvious differences like skull shape, burry hair, muzzles, receding foreheads, giant nostrils and so on are merely superficial variation that has no bearing whatsoever on that essential equality. The only reason Somalia isn't as prosperous as pre-suicide Sweden is because of temperature differences, infectious diseases, White "racism," the legacy of colonialism and possibly curses placed by evil root wizards. That Somali with its misshapen head, tar-colored skin, jagged rat teeth and deformed head is fully human. Its 60 I.Q. is a social construct, its predictable failure the result of something you did. Just keep spending and they'll start behaving, just ask Minnesota, aka Sweden the State, where more wasteful programs should alchemize these obvious genetic aliens into good little citizens and consumers, just you wait.

Minnesota’s largest Somali nonprofits are teaming up to present a unified lobbying front to the state this winter.

Meanwhile the interests of the native White population are represented by no one and are under constant attack.

Now, the new coalition is gearing up to ask state legislators for about $11 million for Somali community initiatives, building on $2 million Gov. Mark Dayton earmarked for such projects in this year’s budget.

The high price of sanctimony. Eight figures poured down the reeking privy of the most backward Africans we could find. More needs to be done, that $2 million wasted with no positive result whatsoever wasn't nearly enough.

“Why not combine our separate efforts and do a better collaborative effort?” said Mohamud Noor, head of the Confederation of Somali Community, a coalition member.

Moe-ham-head raises an excellent point. Let me go get my wallet.

The new Coalition of Somali American Leaders will host its first public event Thursday at a Minneapolis Event Centers fundraiser.

R.I.P. Minnesota, I hope the fleeting warmth of self-righteousness was worth it to see everything your ancestors built destroyed by the most pathetic negro aliens you could lay hands on. I guess this proves you weren't "races." Now get in that hole.

East African nonprofits had weighed such a coalition before, but a sense of rivalry for limited grant dollars got in the way. Warfa says the fragmentation was undermining efforts to secure state funding for Somali projects.

...and I'm proud to be an Amurrr-kwaann where at least I pay the negro fee...

“We looked at each other and said, ‘OMG, the possibilities!’ ” said Isuroon’s Fartun Weli.

Yeah. Oh Em Gee. Just imagine.

 Unlimited potential!

The group rallied around broad “points of pain”: poverty, gang activity, extremist recruitment and religious discrimination.

Oy vey, the points of pain. This is all your fault, accommodating and long-suffering White suckers. Eleven million should fix it, or at least open the door for demanding twenty million next year.

This year’s state budget includes $2 million for investments in the Somali community — part of Dayton’s package of $35 million for addressing racial disparities in Minnesota.

A fortune wasted on cultural marxist madness. Keep paying those taxes, it helps fund "fewer Whites in everything" initiatives, as well as the massive corruption and waste that surrounds this kosher con game.

“The $2 million wasn’t even close to being sufficient,” Warfa said. “We are asking for more money.”

Not even close, you White devil. Gibs. Me. Dat.

“I don’t think they are there yet,” said Gray, “but they have been engaging the community about their ask, and they are getting there.”

The negro will improve itself tomorrow.

The new face of Minnesota.


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