Negro "Teens" Attack College Students

Today's story features what the cultural marxists call "intersectionality." Start with the Philadelphia negro, a worthless and dangerous animal roaming the decaying ruins of the U.S.S.A. Throw in some student loan debt victims wandering around their kosher kollege, free-range cattle for the nightmare monster to prey upon. Top it all off with the eroding rule of law and pound-sign black lives matter making it impossible for police to prevent the monkeyshines. The end result is memory hole fodder, another glimpse into the coming collapse, a nation of violent and moronic aliens and slumbering White Eloi being torn to pieces.

Philadelphia police say they’ve arrested four teens on assault charges in flash mob attacks around Temple University in which college students were beaten, an officer was knocked down and a police horse was punched in the face.

The real-life negro is a little different than the one you see on the talmudvision. College students finally get a real education, valuable lessons in racial reality delivered via a brown paw to the face. Put down that textbook on "White privilege" written by someone whose name ends in "berg." Wake up.

Police say the attacks were carried out Friday night by bands of as many as 100 boys and girls.

A hundred evolutionary dead-ends attack the communist indoctrination center. The "we are all equal, Whites are evil" hour, as preached by a rat-faced man with a hooked nose and a weird little cap on the back of its head, is interrupted by a Zulu raiding party.

Temple spokesman Ray Betzner told television station NBC10 that roving juveniles played a “cat-and-mouse game” with police. 

Now that the "five-oh" is afraid to use the required amount of force to control the content of their character we can expect to hear about this sort of insane nonsense more and more often.

Police say students were surrounded and then punched, kicked, robbed and in some cases knocked to the ground by groups of 20 to 30 teens. Arrests have been made in only one of the cases.

Better than the usual "no arrests were made." I guess.

Police say a boy punched a police horse twice in the face, and another threw a Temple officer to the ground.


He said around 9:30 Friday night he was leaving work when he saw what looked to be at least 200 juveniles walking in large groups.

This is why you need to be armed and alert.

He said he overheard police saying the kids were playing "the knockout game."

Those fifty years of failed programs, spending, groveling appeasement and "White girl bleed a lot" sure purchased us some well-behaved negroes.

Around 15 minutes later, the student says he was walking with his girlfriend when they were approached by at least seven juveniles. The student says he went to hit the Temple Police alert button when his girlfriend was struck by one of the juveniles.

Hit the morlock alarm! That should save you.

The student tells CBS3 he believes this type of activity happened both Thursday and Saturday night on campus.

The negro will start improving tomorrow.

Full Story.

It's called a fist to the face.


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