The Nasty Woman Empire

You know you live in interesting times when a jew pervert's sexually-charged conversation with a minor might be remembered as the turning point in saving Western Civilization. The media gas-lighting has stopped (Dyke Bitch from Hell up by twelve percent! She might win Arizona!) and the kosher wailing has begun. It's time to grab them by the electronic devices and finally drain the semitic swamp. We're going to win. All that remains to be determined is how much prison time the lesbian witch is going to get and how high the wall will be. Thank you jew sleazebag for not controlling your horny level. You have become the goyim equivalent of "righteous among the nations."

But what about the nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!)? Specifically, can negro women wear shirts with a failed Hillary Rotten slogan on them without the male negro assuming they are of questionable moral fiber? This is the real issue that must be discussed in depth, because we all know that the problems facing the living fossil, no matter how petty or ridiculous, are what really matters in the final hours of the U.S.S.A. before the glorious new dawn forces the Morlock-American back underground and burns the chosenite vampires to ash.

The freedom to wear a “nasty woman” shirt without being sexually accosted and harassed is a privilege available to white women.

It's a well-known fact that White women are never harassed in a sexual fashion, yet another privilege of the unfair skin.

White privilege! 

As a black woman, I will not be wearing a “nasty woman” T-shirt.  

Say it ain't so. My entire day and possibly week or month is ruined. I had hoped with every fiber of my being that you, as a black woman, would wear a "nasty woman" shirt. I'm not sure if I can keep slouching forward under this immense disappointment. Now how will we know that "dat beach bee naas-tee?" Other than just a casual glance in your direction, of course.

Now, women — mostly white women — are reclaiming “nasty woman” and turning it into a capitalist empire: There are Nasty Woman cocktails, perfumes, tote bags and T-shirts. Some have donated their proceeds to charity. Others, well, just got paid.

We bee gettin' dat paper off a minor curiosity that will be completely forgotten in two weeks. 

The word “‘nasty”’ hyper-sexualizes and diminishes black women. It’s a term of contempt. When the Beckys at the top of “Baby Got Back” take the measure of the black woman in their midst, the judgment they arrive at is clear: She’s a nasty girl.

The impressive intellectual depth and keen insight of the "educated" jungle monster. Remember that (c)rap "song" by the nightmare monster who liked the large butts? I can't even share my love of a criminal sociopath under FBI investigation (again!) because the word "nasty" means, plot twist, "nasty."

When they say “she looks like a total prostitute,” they’re echoing a racist, misogynist trope that’s much more pervasive than you might realize. 

I don’t know of a single black woman who hasn’t been mistaken for a sex worker.  


White feminism can be alienating for non-white feminists. As writer Catherine Young explains, “White feminism is a set of beliefs that allows for the exclusion of issues that specifically affect women of colour.

“It is ‘one size-fits all’ feminism, where middle-class white women are the mould that others must fit.”

Women of colour are being asked to set aside their valid concerns; we’re being told to favour our gender over our race even when the world defines us by both.

If it helps we'll be sending you back to Africa, not "woman island."

So no “Nasty Woman” shirt for me. I’ll just continue wearing my favourite shirt, which reads, “I met God. She’s black.” 

The negress is very dignified. I can't believe people assume you're a crack whore.

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  1. "As a black woman I" ......Insert anti-white negro-babble here. As if we're going to take time out of our day to give a flying crap about what they have to say.


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