A Habit of Not Judging Others

Today's little morality tale features what the cultural marxist calls "intersectionality." Specifically, the intersection between the White awakening and the declining value of the negro animal as a cudgel against White interests. In Sweden: The State, sometimes called Minnesota, negroes unhappy with the coming end of decades of appeasement targeted the first convenient White, who happened to be a sodomite. The man with the damaged rectum left with a damaged face. The victim groups are turning on each other as the left collapses. The gentle breeze has hit the jewish house of cards, the future is ours for the taking.

Police are investigating a report of a man being assaulted by a group of people protesting President-elect Donald Trump in St. Paul on Wednesday night.

Those crazy "people" and their innocent hi-jinks. Burn your city, smash the mentally defective buggery enthusiast. It's all over but the crying.

 The 42-year-old man told police he had just gotten off the Green Line light rail’s Dale Street stop and was walking on the University Avenue sidewalk near Marion Avenue when he was approached by four people, whom he estimated to be in their late teens.

Oh no, it's "teens." Hopefully our Minnesota weakness, cowardice, cloying politeness and refusal to notice reality or take even the most basic steps to ensure our self-preservation will be enough to handle these youngsters who are probably getting ready to turn that life around but not today.

The group — including three young black men and a young white woman — continued to badger him, noting he was white, so he must have voted for Trump, police said.

Three morlocks and their war trophy. A semi-logical conclusion from a 70 I.Q. mind. Whites are waking up, we're voting for our own interests instead of demographic suicide. However, this is Minnesota, the only part of the Blue Wall that wasn't replaced by the Trump Wall.

They then accused him of sympathizing with police, and the man said he didn’t have a problem with police, had never been arrested, and had no reason to dislike them. 

Try to reason with the failed branch of humanity, that should be effective. This is why you need to be armed. Anything I need to say to a living fossil can be said with my concealed carry.

He told the group that he was gay, so he made a habit of not judging others because he didn’t want to be judged.

Did I mention I like having objects inserted into my lower intestine? Are we friends now, tar monsters? Are you on dat down low? Ya sure, you betcha.

Two of the men then hurled slurs about the man’s sexuality and punched him in the face repeatedly, he told police.

LOL. "Love" has truly trumped hate. A mentally defective pervert gets pummeled by creatures from a nightmare. And look, an actual real "hate crime" against the "gay." Funny how it's being ignored by the dinosaur media, I can't figure out why.

Police observed that the man’s face was badly bruised and swollen under one eye, and the man noted that he recently had eye surgery, and was in great pain.

A man who gets aroused by anuses becomes the White Dizzy Gillespie. The zoo didn't care that you were part of another kosher anti-civilization group.

When the man did not fight back, the group veered away to join the protesters, and the man fled.

I propose that "We did not fight back" be made the new state motto of Minnesota.

Police have made no arrests in the incident.

The usual punchline.

On Wednesday evening, hundreds marched down University Avenue from the state Capitol in St. Paul. Similar protests erupted across the country in response to the Republican Trump’s upset victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

This infantile tantrum accomplished nothing but at least some random faggot caught a beat-down.

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