A Nightmare On Diversity Street

The tradition of putting on masks and ringing the doorbells of strangers is not the sort of thing that's going to go smoothly in an increasingly "diverse" and therefore low-trust society. Like so many things Halloween is now a bizarre vestigial artifact of when America was White and healthy, when we needed make-believe fear of ghouls and skeletons instead of the very real fear of the tar-colored sewage we're now forced to live with by a criminal government. There are monsters out there, that's for sure. They have shit-colored skin. They have low intelligence and an inability to connect current actions to future outcomes. Their repeated failures are proof that there's something wrong with us, according to a rat-faced man. They need to be removed.

A male dressed as Freddy Krueger shot five people with a shotgun at a Halloween party early Sunday morning, San Antonio police say.

Another negro mass shooting for the memory hole. Hey, shouldn't you be watching the negro ball and drinking yourself stupid from a bottle with a little "U" on it?

Two black males allegedly attended a Halloween party uninvited on the 2900 block of Aspen Meadow. Authorities say they started an argument inside the house and the homeowner asked them to leave.

Who needs a horror movie when you've got this. Two animals from the stone-age invade the White (?) Halloween party. "We gots da rahts an sheet." After the predictable monkeyshines it's time to politely ask the Morlock-American to vacate the premises. That should work, this is just a sun-tanned White who will respond in a logical fashion to reasonable requests.

One of the suspects was reportedly dressed as Krueger, the villain from "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (1984). He allegedly pulled out a shotgun and began to shoot at the party-goers just before 5 a.m.

The words "nightmare creatures" have never been more appropriate. This is why you need to be armed.

"People running to their cars, running away or running to the people that were hurt,” said Nogueron. “My gut instinct was to see does anybody need help was everybody okay."

It's worth it because having sullen and moronic brown animals in our midst is making us strong.

In the three years they've lived here, she says nothing like this has happened before. "It's very friendly, very family oriented,” said Nogueron.

It's never explicitly stated, of course, but we can now safely assume the victims were White.

Crimetracker stats show within a half mile radius of where this shooting took place, there have been more than 20 burglaries and seven robberies that have been reported since the beginning of the year.

Or maybe not. 


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