Almost Just the Way it is

Black lives splattered over the weekend in the Chicago tribal war zone. Nine dark monsters were limited and another nineteen received free medical care on our dime. It was the usual forgotten and buried pathology of racial inferiors: negro animals sitting in cars before taking a bullet to the "dome," la-teen-oh invaders sauntering down alleys and being made more aerodynamic and less warm by high velocity projectiles. The only difference was this time one of the nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) on the tar pile was the relative of a 90 I.Q, congress critter, so we are forced to actually examine the pathetic final moments of this living fossil. Let's shake our head in disappointment and discuss the more that needs to be done. We can go back to pretending open jungle warfare isn't occurring in our dying cities afterwards.

A 16-year-old boy and 17-year-old girl were charged Sunday with first-degree murder in the shooting death of an Illinois congressman's 15-year-old grandson following an argument over a pair of basketball shoes.

These are our equals. We can turn them into responsible citizens if we just keep spending, if we just keep making excuses. African tree hockey equipment argument gone wrong. The dusky fortunate son's luck runs out. Whatever these things are, they're not human.

Javon Wilson, the grandson of longtime U.S. Rep. Danny Davis, was shot in the head Friday in his Chicago home.

A worthless genetic alien fails to turn around its life. It will immediately be replaced by an identical looking and behaving evolutionary dead-end. This is diversity, our greatest strength.

Davis said he was told that a teenage boy had traded slacks for shoes with Wilson's 14-year-old brother, but thought better of the trade and went to Wilson's house with a 17-year-old girl. He said the pair forced their way in the house and argued with Wilson before the boy pulled a gun and fired.

The rich tapestry that forms the negro experience. Morlocks exchange shiny Chinese accessories but then have second thoughts. Buyer's remorse gone wrong. Animal shrieks and wailing, gun shots, another day in the Chiraq all against all.

90 I.Q. alien plays civilization make-believe. 

"It's almost, just the way it is. People think nothing of it," Davis said. "Youngsters invariably say, 'I know a lot of guys who've got guns. I know a lot of girls who've got guns.”

It's almost like the low I.Q. average combined with poor impulse control, inability to connect cause and effect and heightened aggressiveness has consequences. 

Davis added, "It becomes a part of the culture of an environment that has got to change."

It becomes part of the DNA of a failed branch of humanity. We can wish this away. The negro will get better tomorrow.

Davis has been a member of the Democratic party for nearly 20 years. He was re-elected this month to his 11th term in the 7th Congressional District.

Twenty years and none of that "change" we were promised. Another excellent argument for term limits. Drain the swamp.

"The question becomes where does a 15-year-old obtain a gun? Who let the 15-year-old have a gun and under what circumstances?" Davis asked. "There's no answer for that except that the availability of guns is so prevalent in America to the point where you almost can't tell who has a gun" anymore.

The question becomes where did a civilized White nation obtain a permanent underclass of tar monsters? Who let these creatures in and under what circumstances? There's no answer for that except the availability of worthless stone age leftovers is so prevalent in the U.S.S.A., especially in the urban rot and on the talmudvision."

Chicago has seen an increase in shooting and homicide numbers in recent months. August was reportedly the deadliest month in the city in nearly two decades. 

Please do not come to obvious "races" conclusions.

 Guns be causing the monkeyshines an sheet.


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