Nationalism or Globalism

Two years ago I fully expected the Election of 2016 to be the most completely depressing and pathetic spectacle imaginable, an empty floor show in a dead nation pitting "Immigrants are our greatest strength!" cuckservatives against the dyke bitch from hell. I could imagine seeing every shit-colored invader they could find at the Loser Party convention, yapping in their alien language about how we should be content to commit demographic suicide for the jew, followed by the lesbian witch winning easily. This all seemed quite inevitable.

I've never been happier to be proven wrong.

As a service to the reeking remains of the U.S.S.A. I would like to now present a non-biased, factual and concise breakdown of the two candidates, for the benefit of the undecided voter who can't quite tell the difference between two diametrically opposed ideologies and thinks "coarse language" and "what if kids imitate this" are actual issues.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for...

A career politician who has years of experience in graft, failure and corruption.

A half-dead sociopath who is driven only by a blind lust for power.

A demon-possessed satanist.

A heartless and vile criminal who should be in prison.

Another jew puppet.

More open borders and hey, how about a million Syrian rapefugees for Idaho?

Endless war for Israel, abandoning our veterans, destabilizing countries.

A possible nuclear confrontation with Russia.

Pandering to victim groups, no national vision or shared culture, all against all.

The sodomite agenda.

Murdering babies in the womb.

Job loss, "free trade," more jobs being shipped overseas.

"We're gonna tax the middle class!"
The final destruction of free speech.

White genocide.


Big jew.

The complete and total destruction of muh democracy.

A vote for Trump is a vote for...

A businessman with a record of success.

A man who gave up wealth and celebrity to come under attack by the entire corrupt system.

A patriot who wants to restore America.

A giant beautiful wall on our southern border.

Deportation of the la-teen-oh invader.

The end of senseless foreign war, taking care of our veterans, restoring our position of strength and leadership on the world stage.

Improved relations with Russia.

Law and order, the end of victim groups and criminal apologists.

America First.

Restored spiritual health, standing up for the Christian church.

Freedom to speak out against the rot, the end of "political correctness."

The right to bear arms.

Tariffs, protectionism, no globalist trade deals.

The working American White man.

The last chance to save our country by voting.

It's up to you. Don't screw this one up. Vote Trump.


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