The Silent Collapse of Another Phony Hate Crime

There's a certain predictable trajectory to the "hate crime," the fabricated incident the proves, once and for all, the inherent evil of Whites and the complete justification for our genocide. First it's all over the kosher liar press news cycle. We see the "brave" mentally defective "victim" and get lengthy lectures from professional agitators on how wrong this is. Then the incident starts to become suspicious, unpleasant questions are raised and it is quickly removed from the talmudvision, to be replaced with some fresh anti-White drivel. By the time the hoax has completely unraveled it doesn't even rate a footnote in the dinosaur media, but that's why you go to sites like this one.

A Louisiana college student who fabricated a report about being assaulted following Donald Trump's election has been issued a summons for criminal mischief.

The fact that this piece of garbage will not be seriously punished for catering to our worst impulses and encouraging violence against Whites is arguably even worse than how this story is being ignored and memory-holed. Can faking a "hate crime" be made into a felony punished by deportation, President Trump?

The Advocate reports 18-year-old Khadija Altamimi reported being attacked near the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus Wednesday by two men — one wearing a white "Trump" hat — who yelled ethnic slurs and then stole her wallet and hijab head covering.

Seems plausible enough. We all know that White males are the source of nearly all the evil in the world, just ask your jewish professors. Also, it's not enough to merely degrade your moon cult, some of these gentile not-sees also rob the moose-limbs, apparently. Trump voters running your pockets and removing articles of clothing that mark you as chattel for the cult of moe-ham-head, if only we'd voted for the satanic establishment witch.

Lafayette Police records released Friday show Altamimi was issued a misdemeanor summons for criminal mischief, which carries up to a $500 fine and 30 days in jail. She was not arrested. No court date has been set.

It was all a lie. Hey sand person property...watcha doin'?!!?

I know, I was surprised too.

Altamimi could not be reached for comment.

In fairness the false hell-spawned stone cube cult demands this silence.

Lafayette Police said Thursday that the student had made up the story, though no explanation was offered why she did.

It really is an impenetrable mystery. Why would this alien outsider do this? I just can't figure it out.

It was real in my mind.


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