Aspiring Christian Rapper

The disastrous jewish century produced an entire industry around burying typical negro behavior and making excuses for their genetically preordained failure. There were big shekels to be made calling for more programs, more special treatment and more groveling. The magic doctor and/or lawyer morlock was presented on the talmudvision without a trace of irony. The University swindle was raking in the geld from student loan debt victims with their tall tales of blank slate equality. The dinosaur media spent a significant amount of time acting as an apologist for negro malfunction, when they weren't telling outright lies.

Yes, the spectacular failure of the American negro has been an enriching force for many, a true case of healthy weeds growing out of a pile of reeking shit. Hopefully we're seeing the end of Negro Failure, Incorporated, a kosher production, but if today's sordid tale is any indication we've still got a long way to go before "dindu nuffin" mythologies fail to make the merchant's cash register ring.

Aspiring Christian rapper Ryan Salandy will spend 18 years in prison for running over and killing his music producer. Salandy, who was convicted of second degree murder in September, was sentenced Monday.

He a good boy, future Christian rapper or stunt car driver, turning that life around, about to go to college or grandma's, too gentle to race in NASCAR, room brightening smile a mile wide, a true asset to the failed race of jungle monsters we're forced to live with. Only in the U.S.S.A. could a paragraph as ridiculous and insulting as the above be written. This worthless monster wanted to "rap" for the Kingdom of Heaven, which presumably means replacing "muh dikk" with "Jesus" and "kill everything walkin" with "The saving grace of the Holy Trinity."

Prosecutors said the up-and-coming gospel artist used his silver Saab to run over his friend and music producer, 25-year-old William McDaniel, in September 2015.

Spirit-filled vehicular homicide. The "one good one" runs over its fellow nightmare creature like a dog.

Investigators said Salandy never called 911, but his mother did.

Is yew sayin' some nikka gots ran ova? Hol pleez. *paints eight inch nails purple*

"Yes, Hi. I just got a call from my son, he accidentally hit someone in Clarksburg. My son was speeding and the person jumped in front of the car," Salandy's mother said on the 911 call.

Seems plausible. He was just driving over to grandma's in between praising The Lord when a nigga body (Ah! Ah!) somehow got caught under the wheels. Just one of those terrible accidents, nothing to see here.

The killer in happier days, preparing for polar bear hunting.

Ramon Korionoff, with the Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office, said the prosecution found several signs that proved the hit and run was intentional.

It's not exactly a Hercule Poirot mystery, here. 

Multiple witnesses heard the business partners arguing about CD, according to court documents.

When I bee geddin muh crast chedda mudda fudda? 

#8. Misunderstandings that end with Barkevious becoming pavement pizza.


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