Berlin: Another "Random" Attack

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to make copies and spread it far and wide.

When the jewish platitudes and lies have dissipated in the wind like a foul gas, this is what remains. A secret war captured by the unblinking electronic eye, the steady march of White genocide artlessly recorded, stark ugly colors, vile ugly actions. The "women and children" that we heroically saved from a Syrian conflict that was apparently raging in every non-White nation on Earth are displaying their gratitude in disturbing footage that will be buried by the new kommissars. Everything is fine. The brown chaos has come to Germany, the third world rot rides the subway and victimizes any convenient White target. Thanks for all the money and groveling, kuffirs!

I've made many arguments against "immigration" and national suicide, against the evil tide. This video, running less than thirty seconds, might be the most straightforward and honest case one could possibly make for rejecting the kosher planned demolition of our homelands. A man of "Middle Eastern descent," a worthless and loathsome sand monster, kicks a German woman down the stairs to the unforgiving concrete below. One of its fellow moon cult turds harvests the purse. Robbery gone wrong. If only we reached out to this scum more, if we groveled, if our sanctimony was more public and ridiculous. Clearly moe-ham-head is a victim of our "racism." We're not dying fast enough.

Wake up, Europe.

No arrests will be made, no lessons will be learned. We need to reach out to these people, to really show them how defenseless and cowardly we truly are. Can I put you down for another million next year? You don't want to be called names by a jewish enemy that watches videos like this and laughs, before putting them down the memory hole because reality is "hate." The completely incompatible foreign invader should get better any day now. Muh economy. Muh Gee Dee Pee. The right thing to do. The cold earth. We love humanity. The open grave. We must transform Europe to survive. A rotting feast for worms and maggots. Jews will be at the center of this transformation. Die.


  1. True filth. I think that someone should issue an ultimatum that goes like this: GO HOME or else within a week the Muslim world will wake up to find slabs of Canadian bacon all over the black cube they worship.


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