Debased Whites Brawl After Africa Ball Game

There's a lot of competition, but seeing the Africa Ball lose popularity with Whites is definitely one of the most satisfying stories from The Current Year. More and more of our people are waking from the opium dream of jewish bread and circuses and those that remain are so completely broken that they will serve as a sad warning against negro ball cuckoldry. Consider today's story, which involves drunken White losers fighting each other for the honor of millionaire morlocks. When blue beats red it's time to take it to the parking lot to fully emulate the incompatibility with civilization of the simians you were cheering for.

It’s been a really rough year for New York Jets fans. Just having to watch the Jets these days is torturous. 

 I love watching my inept "hometown" negroes lose to other negroes.

That was the case once again Saturday night as the Jets soiled themselves on national television in a 34-13 loss to the Miami Dolphins.  

If it makes you feel better I'm sure the amazing running tar monsters weren't the only ones soiling themselves. Sit on that couch, watch the dark monsters, drink the beer with the little "U" on the bottle, urinate and defecate in your pants while in a drunken stupor. It's perfectly healthy, ask the jew profiting from your pathetic behavior.

Unfortunately for one Jets fan, the beating carried over into the parking lot after the game.

Don't have children. Don't get into shape. Pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege of watching uniformed simians pile on top of each other and enjoy a well-deserved beating afterwards.   

 My negroes are better than your negroes!

A Jets fan got into a 3-on-1 brawl with a trio of Dolphins fans and got beaten about as badly as his team did on the football field. He took several blows to the head before the fight was mercifully broken up.

Just take the blows to the head, it's a lot easier than fighting back. Keep wasting your time and money on enriching our enemies.

The Jets fell to 4-10 on a dismal 2016 season and that fan probably had to go to the hospital. 

Not a great record...if only I'd demonstrated more groveling devotion to shit-colored creatures on the field they might have played better. Oh well, off to the hospital to have that jaw wired shut.

He might be better off not attending any more Jets games for the rest of the season, or forever.

Yeah. No shit.

You can watch the entire video right here, courtesy of the New York Daily News. 

If you enjoy blurry footage of national suicide narrated by a mystery meat have I got something for you!

The world's biggest cuck?


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