Faithless Elector No More

What sort of person is opposed to nationalism? At the top of the heap, of course, is the jew. The traveling merchant, the alien parasite, the vile creature that cares only for muh shekels and the talmudic promise of thousands of brown slaves. Speaking of which, then there is the shit-colored biological weapon, the moronic dark metastasis eager to loot and kill. Finally, you have the White cuck, the traitor to their own bloodline who is purchased with jewish geld, delusional sanctimony and base cowardice. They accept the devil's horrible bargain for scraps off the kosher table or sometimes not even that. They are contemptible. Sometimes the jew will pretend to be one of them.

Not too long ago we examined the case of a jewish scumbag whose "conscience" prevented him from casting his electoral vote for the People's Choice. The jew had effectively disguised itself as a cuckservative, bleating about "civil discourse" and "The party of Lincoln." Suffice it to say, this was all a kosher snow-job designed to trick the cattle, but it turns out it gets worse. Would you be surprised to discover this jew criminal is a moral leper? Yeah, me neither.

Anti-Trump Texas faithless elector Stephen Christopher “Chris” Suprun, who wrote a widely-shared op-ed in The New York Times about his decision, joined and paid for cheating website Ashley Madison in 2012, using the same address registered to his 9/11 charity, while bankrupt, likely unemployed, and married with three young kids, after he and his working wife owed over $200,000 to multiple creditors — and that’s just the start of it.

Be sure your sin will find you out. Please remember today's story when you hear our enemy wailing about "civility" and "doing the right thing." This is the biography of the jewish sleazebag who wants to lecture the cattle on our moral obligation to commit suicide. A pervert, a con artist, a shiftless derelict, a white collar criminal. Kosher dog shit is here to pretend to be a gentile and instruct us in right and wrong while it blunders about with a giant beam sticking out of its eye. There's a reason these human-shaped tapeworms keep getting kicked out of countries and it's not because Whites are bad. The jew earns its bad reputation every day.

GotNews’ research into Suprun’s bizarre and unexplained flip-flop against President-elect Donald J. Trump turned up Ashley Madison data, damning bankruptcy records, and a series of P.O. boxes and what appears to be an association with a payday loan scam site.

The Light of the World.

Since turning against the decision of the people of Texas to elect Trump, Suprun also became a client of a “social justice media strategy” PR firm run by left-wing CNN commentator Van Jones.

Leave it to the Loser Party, the Washington Generals of politics, to appoint slime like this to be an elector.

Even though he used a throw-away e-mail address and changed his birth date by a few days, the Ashley Madison credit card data is unmistakably Suprun:

A sleazy jewish website devoted to spiritual sickness draws in the merchant who must vote his principles like the hero that he is. Married with three children, seeking some strange. Here's my credit card.

When I'm not defying the will of the voters I like to cheat on my wife with shiksas.

There’s only one Stephen Christopher Suprun, from Texas, born in March 1974, and the P.O. box is one of many P.O. boxes registered to Stephen Christopher Suprun that can be found with a quick search of any public records database. It’s also the same P.O. box used for Suprun’s “Never Forget 9/11” charity, which he still lists on his Twitter profile:

This alien piece of shit should be sitting in a prison cell for fraud.

According to the data, Suprun joined Ashley Madison in February 2012, just six months after joint-filing for bankruptcy with his wife, Dianne Michelle Suprun, in September 2011, and paid for an “affair guarantee” in September 2012.

Did I mention the chosenite was a "hero" of September 11th and is much better than all of us?

In the year before he signed up for cheating website Ashley Madison, Chris Suprun was unemployed (and eventually bankrupt) for 8 months, with three young kids, while his wife worked full-time.

Trust me.

Suprun and his wife in total owed more than $214,000.

It's just a weird coincidence and certainly nothing more than that, but I heard communists like to find people that are deeply compromised, let's say caught in adultery or buried in debt, and turn them into agents. I wonder how much Soros geld the poor man's Anthony Weiner received to undermine muh democracy. 

Suprun and his wife owed money to at least 7 banks and financial entities, as well as other creditors, including lawyers and a “handcrafting bakery” called Swiss Colony in Wisconsin.

LOL, what is this?

Public records also show that Stephen “Chris” Suprun registered 6 different P.O. boxes in 6 cities in Texas and Virginia. Why does one person need so many P.O. boxes? At least one of the P.O. boxes was used for Suprun’s fishy 9/11 foundation — the same P.O. box he also used to pay for his Ashley Madison “affair guarantee.”

Sure, it looks bad, but it's probably totally legal and legitimate shylockery, after all this is a firefighter who risked his life and is one of g*d's favorite people and all the rest.

In fact, between the well-heeled PR firm, the Democratic elite’s unhinged response to President-elect Donald J. Trump’s resounding victory on November 8, and Suprun’s sudden change of heart about Trump, it even raises the question of whether or not Suprun is receiving money, favors, or other kinds of benefits in exchange for his anti-Trump cooperation!

You know what? I think you might be right!

Chris Suprun grandstands in The New York Times about his experience on 9/11, his “debt” to his children, and how he is an “elector of conscience.”

I don't think the jew understands the concept of "shame."

The enemy within.


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