Lame Duck Mulatto Appoints Jew Plutocrats

"I wonder what Obama has been up to since the false song of globalism was soundly rejected by the American voter?" asked absolutely no one. It turns out the pathetic final days of the tragic mulatto are occupied with giving medals to dykes, jews and sportsball negroes and now appointing wealthy merchants to a Stalinist board that works hard to make sure that muh holohoax is kept front and center. The goyim must feel crushing guilt for imaginary crimes, they must be bludgeoned with Soviet war propaganda and if we can make some geld in the process, so much the better. This is the end of the U.S.S.A. A Kenyan sodomite sucks kosher putz because it's the right thing to do. Soon it will be over. We're going to restore America.

President Barack Obama appointed five people to serve on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, including its current chairman.

Why in the blue hell is there a holocaust council in the United States? Why is our criminal government propping up this con game? It's almost as if the light of the world has influence far disproportionate to its numbers and uses said influence to enrich itself and attack Whites. That can't be true, despite the massive evidence, because it's "hate."

Obama announced Wednesday that he will retain council holdovers Tom Bernstein and Richard Price and bring in newcomers David Marchick, Michael Polsky and Ronald Ratner.

We were able to drag the yella queer away from the negro ball long enough to affix its purple lips to chosenite tuckus.

Rat-faced man gets government sinecure.

Price, the chairman and CEO of the financial services firm Mesirow Financial, was appointed in 2012.
A jew in the financial sector? Are you sure that's correct?

Made shekels by destroying muh economy, gets rewarded by criminal government.

Marchick serves as managing director and global head of external affairs at the private equity firm the Carlyle Group. He served in various roles under the Clinton administration, including deputy assistant secretary for trade policy and transportation affairs at the State Department, and is a member of the Committee on Conscience of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Wow. What a hero. A money thug and a member of the Clinton crime family is clearly the conscience of this dead nation. Drain the swamp, President Trump.

Trust me.

Polsky is the founder, president and CEO of the power and energy company Invenergy, and Ratner is the executive vice president of development at the real estate company Forest City Realty Trust.

All five of these scumbags are criminals who have created nothing of value. As such, they are the ideal candidates for a holocaust shakedown racket. This ridiculous jewish snow-job is illegal to even question in many White countries.

The council has 68 members, including presidential appointees, who serve five-year terms, along with senators and representatives and members of the education, interior and state departments. 

Your tax dollars pay for this bullshit. Obscenely wealthy jews get slightly more wealthy and their crimes are papered over by obvious lies.

Full Story.

Pay up, gentiles.


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