Study Finds "Racism" is Normal and Healthy

Human nature and genetic determinism aren't really concerned with propping up kosher deceits. Not surprisingly, every ill-conceived attempt to run counter to our basic character, to force Whites to live next to dangerous alien outsiders, has ended in disaster. The lesson here seems fairly obvious: nationalism and racial self-determination, not doomed efforts to rebuild Babel. Multiculturalism fails, "diversity" fails, the false jewish song of globalism fails because, as the mulatto sodomite might say, this is not who we are. The desire for shared blood, tradition, culture and religion has been inscribed in the double helix. Ignorant and evil semitic attempts at subversion are powerless against this undeniable truth.

Obviously, this means that more needs to be done. We'll change the deeply held and largely unspoken call of our shared ancestry with more coercive measures, more moe-ham-heads for Idaho, more speech and thought crime laws. It defies common sense. It flies in the face of every scientific inquiry into the problem of race ever undertaken, including today's subject. And still they come. The charge of the kike brigade into the jaws of overwhelming evidence annihilating their lies. They want White genocide. They want us dead. Nothing else matters.

English-speaking white people are more likely to 'self-segregate' or 'stick together', new research has found. 

In other news, water is wet. Incredibly, the above is true for every race, not just Whites, but because the goal of this study was to promote more attacks on our people we'll ignore that little inconvenience.

The study, in collaboration with Deakin University, explored the role of public spaces in promoting understanding and contact between different racial groups through short-term observation in three localities.

You don't need a framed scrap of toilet paper from prestigious Deakin University to realize that your eyes are not lying to you. We really don't want to interact with the shit-colored biological weapons in our midst, despite endless propaganda from the traveling merchant encouraging unnatural and suicidal behavior.

It was found that public spaces within Australian communities encouraged social dynamics that reinforced racial segregation and isolation of racial minority groups.

We will now explain why this is wrong and massive Orwellian measures are needed to try to erase a powerful drive found in all humans that is offensive to our delusional cultural marxist beliefs.

The majority and minority groups were researcher-assigned through observation of physical appearance such as skin colour, clothing items such as a hijab or turban and language use or linguistic cues.

Yeah. It really isn't hard to spot the "minority," what with their bizarre customs and monolithic appearance. Identical looking and behaving brown sewage full of special value, turban wearing sand people eager to prey upon you, to turn your nation into another Saudi Barbaria. Take your "hijab" and get the fuck out of my homeland.

Lead researcher Dr Naomi Priest from the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health said the study had some interesting findings about group interactions.

And by "interesting" I mean unbelievably obvious to anyone who is not living in a kosher opium dream.

"This supports evidence that, generally, the preference of the majority will have a stronger impact on segregation patterns than those of the minority, such as that minority people are likely to be socially isolated or have no contact when majority members self-segregate."

The incredible insights of another Deakin University snob.

Dr Priest said this study could also inform policies to reduce racism, promote cultural diversity and as a consequence, better the health of the community.

We could force Whites, by law, to interact with the enemygrants! This will lead to a healthy community, honest it will.  Just look at success stories like constantly burning Swedenistan, El-France (Is this Africa?), the Germanistan grope-fest, etc.

Previous studies have shown that racism can also have detrimental effects on health outcomes for individuals as well as for communities.

Wanting to be with your own people is now "racism." Unless you're a jew. Or a la-teen-oh. Or a negro. Let's just make it easy and say this nonsense is a bludgeon used against Whites and only Whites.

"Racism is known to detrimentally effect a range of health outcomes, including both mental and physical health," she said.

For example, you're much less likely to get beaten, shot or raped if you're "racist."

"The findings of this study highlight important behavioural targets for intervention to reduce racism and provide specific and contextual information regarding interactions within public settings."

The War on Whites continues.

Honestly, why?


  1. You have to realize the inferior sewer rats will keep pushing this shit until they get pushed into extinction. Their fractured fairy tale about living like Effendi with brown skinned slaves drives them. Until they get a taste of their own blood, either by us or the brown sewage in their sewer ghetto that they make for themselves. We are the Masters of the Universe. The sewer rat is just soylent green. We need to feed them to their brown pets. These retards belong together in the land of extinction.


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