The Fake News of the Week

Until recently the phony hate crime followed the usual kosher template: a suspicious and outrageous incident that is accepted at face value by the liar press, a rapid unraveling as the always "races" physical evidence comes to light, sudden total silence and then the memory hole, followed by the entire cycle repeating again. For example, we might have an incorrectly made swastika and a wailing jew, then lectures on the talmudvision explaining why Whites are inherently evil and must be destroyed, then footage of the Rabbi drawing the hate symbol and hey, did you hear about the dyke that got attacked? Whites are expected not to notice this pattern and to nod grimly and cluck disapprovingly at each new artifice while slouching toward the grave.

Perhaps this is why the routine is changing. Now we're actually getting a bizarre second act to a moose-limb hoax where a relative of the "victim" insists that Whites are bad anyway and it's somehow our fault the chattel in the hijab lied. This bizarre attempt to continue the "narrative" after it has totally collapsed reminds me of the "It was real in my mind!" jewish holohoax "victim" and seems likely to be the new fad in attacking Whites via imaginary crimes that could have happened and that's all that matters. In other words reality and truth are now completely irrelevant, all that matters is promoting White genocide.

The sister of an 18-year-old Muslim woman in New York who was arrested for lying to police about a hate crime against her that never happened was eager to portray her as a victim. Sara Seweid claimed her sister Yasmin had no choice but to lie about being harassed by Trump supporters. 

Here's the original story, a highly risible account of rabid Trump supporters in New York, the reddest of the red states, attacking moe-ham-head's property and even daring to insult muh hijab. Compare this deceit to a similar truth-free tale from Louisiana. The moon cult possession had no choice but to lie, apparently using the same ridiculous Soros script every time. It's all our fault.

She also tore into the NYPD. “The NYPD should have never been involved in the first place even if the incident did happen,” wrote Seweid. She also blamed the media, which has yet to figure out a way to make Yasim Seweid a victim.

I'm not even sure how to parse this. Even if it did happen, no police involvement, please. Also the media just isn't lying hard enough, despite massive evidence to the contrary.

Seweid’s bogus story was the fake news of the week, with many mainstream media outlets rushing to support her accusation, yet slow to report her arrest when her tale unraveled. 

I know, I was surprised too. Our normally fair and non-partisan Bezos propaganda outlets may have shown a lack of restraint this one time. Won't happen again, you can be certain of that goyim. Make sure you don't get your news on the internet, where it's "fake," cattle.

Reporters made things so much worse for my family,” Seweid wrote.  She went on, “I’m deeply concerned about the mental state of young Muslim women who feel that they have to lie so intensely to survive.” 

“I know this isn’t the first time something like this happens so I really think people who are so concerned about how Muslims will be perceived in the media or how future hate crimes will be dealt with need to take a step back and think why muslim [women of color] have felt the need to do this. Its [sic] not for attention.”

It was all a kosher con job, but the real victim here are the hoaxers and the invading army and you should feel really bad and be sure not to have children and why haven't you died yet?

The Ohio State knifeman also resented Muslims being thought of as violent, so he ran down some people in his car and proceeded to stab them to prove he was not violent.

There's a certain irony.

The Salweid sisters evidently feel willing to be perceived as liars in order not to be perceived as something else, whatever that is.  And yes, the media, some of them, anyway, will catch up with you and your sister when you do lie.

They have to go.

Full Story.

 Seems legit.


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