Aspiring Rapper and Good Boy

Please watch the following amazing video, featuring one of the turds involved in the black lives matter kidnapping in Chicago. Be sure to copy and spread.

What you're looking at is a failed branch of humanity, living fossils, stone age leftovers that have more in common with some distant apelike ancestor than modern man. Two-legged dog shit bounces around in front of the rot, (c)rapping about being a "low nigga" (no argument here) and being "on the pole" (down low activity?). I'd much rather see this worthless and dangerous tar monster on the stake, medieval Romanian style. There's some marble-mouthed references to "hoes" while the evolutionary dead-ends point guns at the camera. These are our equals. With a little more spending, a little more bleeding while tied up, a lot more groveling appeasement, a few more drinks from a toilet and a total denial of obvious reality they should begin to live up to the comically low minimum standards of civilized behavior in today's U.S.S.A.

Imagine how many would have died last year in Chiraq if they learned how to properly hold a gun.

This incredible cultural artifact that represents the final collapse of a half-century of jewish lies continues. More references to "dope" and what I'm pretty sure was a line about blasting other night terrors sitting in cars. We are, after all "drilling shit." The negro mining operation yields a rich vein of character content. These things aren't human. Every kosher argument for blank slates and noble savages and "It's just skin color!" completely negated by three minutes of monkeyshines. Next time someone blames "poverty" or "muh slavery" or "systematic discrimination" just post this video. Argument over. 

The tar monsters also talk about "walking up" on their fellow simians and it's nice to see all the major themes of "100 shot in Chiraq weekend" explored in such loving detail in this rich and vibrant morlock art. Lest we think mush-mouthed recounting of tribal warfare is the limit of the exciting creative expression there's also, I think, soulful street poetry about using narcotics and "robbing a nigga." We were wise to give special rights to this sewage and make any criticism of their obvious failures a sin against the State Religion. We need a lot more of this in the Whitest remaining areas.

There's even a line about putting a mall on tilt. Stereotypes, they exist for a reason.

The video concludes with a sonnet dedicated to the "beam on the gun." Man, that Chicongo gun control sure is working. Someone send this video to the magical left-handed 80 I.Q. negro Police Chief. We may have located some of those "illegal guns" that were blamed for the predictable Crabgrass-American failure. 

Our equals.

They need to be deported. We can't share our living space with these primitive, soulless animals.


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