Our First Murder

I spend a lot of time talking about places like Detroit Rot City and the Chicago all against all, fallen cities where the end result of "fewer Whites in everything!" can be easily observed. The theory is that no sane person can look at Chiraq or the Detroit ruins and come to any conclusion other than the negro and la-teen-oh are failed races of violent inferiors that need to be removed if our country is going to have a future. The story is a little different in small town America, the Whitopias, the places where money and distance used to keep the content of their character and their big dreams of citizenship safely at bay. Not anymore. Our enemies are determined to hunt down every last White, from "more moose-limbs for Montana!" to a piece of la-teen-oh dog shit running wild in a sleepy town in Vermont.

A man has been shot dead outside an apartment complex in what police say is the first murder in the nation's smallest capital city in almost a century.

Another exciting "first" courtesy of the disastrous jewish century. The war is now at your doorstep. There's no where to run. Victory or destruction are the choices.

An arrest warrant was issued for Jayveon Caballero on a murder charge following the Sunday morning shooting in Montpelier, police said.

Doing the jobs American's won't. A natural conservative enjoys the better life promised by a country too stupid to protect itself from the most obvious threats. It probably has some negro mystery mix, too. How exotic and exciting.

Police were seeking Caballero in the killing of Markus Austin, whose body was found in the apartment complex's parking lot.

This worthless monster pulled the Speedy Gonzales act, so we're asking for your help picking this creature out of a horde of identical-looking and behaving may-hee-can invader trash.

Caballero and Austin had been involved in an altercation outside Gustos bar in Barre earlier Sunday morning, police said. During the altercation Austin assaulted Caballero's girlfriend, witnesses said.

The rich and vibrant tapestry of meskin existence. After a taco bowl and some cervezas the alien criminal got into a shoving match over its senorita. Our country is gaining a massive benefit from this.

Caballero's girlfriend, Desiree Cary, was arrested Sunday evening in Barre, where Caballero lives. She appeared in court Monday, pleaded not guilty to drug charges and was released.

Man, that "diversity" just keeps getting richer and sweeter. How about some narcotics fresh from the open border, goyim?

Police Chief Anthony Facos said the shooting death of Austin was the first murder in the city since the 1920s, when a woman shot her husband. He did not have additional details of that case.  

No arrests were made, random incident, unlikely to ever happen again, race isn't real, go back to sleep.

 "Racism" and "White privilege" caused this.


  1. 1 hour from me.
    This may be the first this year by shooting...

    But I can assure you - it's a daily occurrence in this tiny state - to hear of kids killed by shooting UP. The jews really upped their drug game here over the last decade or so.

    They don't care how we go out...they just want us gone.

    The pendulum better swing soon...and fucking hard!


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