The Worst Video Ever Made

Please watch the following amazing video, or at least as much of it as you can handle. Be sure to thumbs down and leave comments.

In the interest of full disclosure I made it to the 25 second mark on my first attempt. I like my monitor, I really don't want to have to go purchase a new one after putting my fist, elbow, knee or foot through it. Still, as a public service I'll make one more attempt, taking breaks to count to a hundred and go to the happy place when necessary. This has got to be the worst, most ham-fisted and insulting kosher snow job I've ever seen. This sort of propaganda as humiliation might work when you're in total control, but, in case you forgot, it's the new Current Year.

What sounds like the beat of tribal war drums plays in the background, setting the tone for this semitic abortion. Negoes, jews, la-teen-ohs, sodomites and mystery meat provide the narration. It turns out they're not happy about this whole "losing" thing. Well, now you know how every normal and healthy White person has felt for the last fifty years. Better get used to it, though, we're just getting started. The brown kosher mess is on the wrong side of history. You can't stop us, jew, and it would be evil and immoral to try. Man, it feels good to be the one giving it out instead of taking it, finally. Maybe I will watch the whole thing.

Join the shit-colored loser team, gentiles!

Incredibly it takes a full sixteen seconds for the first reference to "racism," probably because we needed a "I can't even!" sequence first. Now to begin calling names and wailing, this is sure to win hearts and minds. Our enemies, the defeated fools. Still, the various ugly faces of freshly vanquished evil inform us that the election of Donald Trump has caused a rise in "hate crimes" and who could deny it? We're also told that women are being "attacked in his name" which is an accusation that doesn't even have Fake News to support it, let alone that crazy thing us "haters" call "reality."

It's time to make "demands" of our public officials, because that's generally what a defeated army of worthless walking dog-shit does at the negotiation table. We got crushed, here's our demands. No thanks, living fossil. Then some mudslime piece of shit shows up (it took you long enough to get here, moe-ham-head) begging for more cuckservative behavior.

Trump is also "anti-worker." Yeah. Really. I'm beginning to understand why the jew needs a special word for its outrageous behavior that doesn't really have an equivalent in any other language.

Anti-moose-limb! Anti-semitic! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then another ugly, satanic jew. Boy, talk about a cool glass of water on a hot day. I'm done. I'm only human, there are limits to how much profound ugliness and satanic evil I can absorb. I somehow doubt the remaining minute contained anything that isn't in some way vomit-inducing.

The evil is scared and this is good. They're already panicking and we haven't even really started. We're going to win so much. If you're still not convinced, here's what we're actually up against.

A highly convincing message for the unclean meat.

They have to go back.

Spiritual sickness in vaguely human form.

We need a lot more of this for Idaho. 

Sodomite "priest."


  1. Dehumanizing to realize i share a planet with this human filth.

  2. Dehumanizing to realize i share a planet with this human filth.


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