Utility Worker Robbed in Detroit Ruins

There's a predictable pattern that occurs as an area becomes more "diverse," meaning less White. The first casualty is basic civility and trust as the dark metastasis settles in and begins destroying healthy cells. Then the "random incidents" and "robberies gone wrong" begin. Around this point most of the remaining Whites flee. The infrastructure collapses. Buildings decay and the forces of entropy devour the civilization Whites built and our insane kosher mission to uplift an obviously failed race destroyed. Finally, the all against all begins and the area is indistinguishable from Africa or Latin America. In the Detroit zoo this final stage is being realized, although attempts are still being made to prop up the ruins. These attempts are made impossible by the content of their character.

Surveillance video shows it was 3:27 a.m. Wednesday when a man wearing a tan puffy coat with a hood approached a DTE Energy truck in the middle of Joy Road in Detroit.  

Joy Road, just down the block from Racial Harmony Avenue, Successful Integration Way and Our City Isn't Rubble Boulevard. A tar-colored monster attacks the power grid in the small hours. The rot never rests.

The utility worker was guarding a downed line when he suddenly became the victim of an armed robbery. The robber knocked on the truck window with a revolver.

Here's your assignment, milk. Go into the heart of the Detroit jungle and sit in a vehicle, the most dangerous possible activity in negro land, and guard that power line so no evolutionary dead-ends get fried during a "Wut dat bee? It bee sparkan an sheet" investigation. I'm sure you'll be fine, we're all equal, after all.

He ordered the worker out of the truck and onto the ground. Then he robbed him at gunpoint. 

I guess we should be happy this "no arrests were made" incident ended without anyone dying.

Joy road.

The robber ran away the same way he came across Epworth Street.  

The Jesse Owens act. Look at that boy run! Get him a full ride scholarship in the SEC (Systemically Excluding Caucasians) and the worship of debased Africa Ball cucks.

The worker was not hurt, and he only lost $2. Police usually monitor the area where a utility worker is guarding a downed power line, but that was not the case early Wednesday morning. 

Another highly successful negro criminal endeavor, about as successful as their performance in any other field that doesn't involve running, jumping or mumbling about "low niggas."

Specially trained public protection teams are DTE employees who normally perform office and support functions. Their job is to ensure safety of DTE customers, their children and pets and keep them from coming into contact with downed power lines until utility crews arrive to fix the problem.

Our customers, children and demons. The jew's dusky pet attacked, as per the kosher plan. 

Customers who notice an assault in progress are urged not to intervene. Instead, they should call 911.

"Sheeet, dis Dee-troy nan won won. Wut you need? I kanna hee yew. Eyes takin ah brake." *paints eight inch nails various bright colors while the board lights up and is ignored*

About 28,000 DTE customers are without power after high winds Tuesday night. DTE said crews are working to get the majority restored by the end of Wednesday. 

The transformation into the Midwest Mogadishu is almost complete. Must be unions and liberals causing this, isn't that right cuckservatives?

Detroit is "wining."


  1. Somewhere in that neighborhood is an old White widow sleeping with a shotgun and a chair shoved up against her front door


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