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Expiring Rappers

The negro will begin approximating the minimal standards of civilized behavior tomorrow. While we're waiting for the future that never seems to arrive, we can marvel at the deceit of our time: an obviously failed branch of humanity was promoted by the jew as our equal and we somehow fell for this rabbinical stunt. We should be thankful for streaming video, which has finally allowed us to observe the content of their character safely, finally completely destroying the semitic illusions that were maintained on the talmudvision and in our schools at great cost to the tax-paying sucker. We live next to dangerous animals unleashed by the same merchant that brought them here in chains in service of the almighty shekel.

Dramatic cellphone video obtained Monday by News4Jax shows the chaotic scene of Saturday's deadly shooting at a music video production in Northwest Jacksonville.

Mumbling about drugs, violence and what you'd be willing to do for a "low nigga" gone wrong.

Below Average Cognitive Abilities

When the scavengers are removing whatever edible flesh remains from a carcass they won't stop to speculate on how "tolerant" or "open-minded" their rapidly putrefying banquet might have been at some point in the past. The fact that the tongue and eyes are delicious is now all that matters. If that same tongue avoided producing offensive words or the visual organs were careful to look away from something that might offend the predator that earlier tore out the throat, it's already become irrelevant. We're not going to get a complimentary epitaph from our enemies, no matter how pathetic the appeasement becomes. In Sweden new depths of kosher weakness and delusion are being achieved, even as the cars continued to burn.

Mohammed, a 21-year-old Somali-born gangster living in Sweden, does not have to serve jail time after being found guilty of committing a number of major crimes.

Everything is fine in Sweden, Mr. Trump. Please stop calling attention to our na…

Totally Out of Control

The Chicago heart of darkness is a grim prophecy, a dire warning of the future we can expect if we fail to restore our lands. It is what will remain if the jew and the brown animals they try to control are victorious in their genocidal attack against us. In the Chiraq zoo creatures from a nightmare continue to wage tribal warfare in the face of massive apathy from everyone other than the "racists" who are starting to examine solutions to the problem birthed from over fifty years of spending, groveling, fleeing and general cowardice. The days of negro appeasement must end to save our country. Solutions like "send in the army" need to be seriously considered.

Homicides are now outpacing last year in Chicago after the city experienced its deadliest day so far this year, according to data kept by the Tribune.

Unseasonable warmth combined with a primitive mind that's unable to connect current actions to future outcomes and an eroding rule of law "intersects"…

Proper Grammar Declared "Racist"

When faced with the genetically preordained failure of the teeming brown majority a powerful state of cognitive dissonance kicks in for the followers of the flying racial equality monster. It's possible to admit race is real and has powerful consequences in areas like building civilization or wearing pants correctly, but this is unthinkable and evil and must be rejected. The remaining options are simply going crazy, which in fairness does happen to some cultural marxist true-believers, or more commonly fabricating increasingly laughable explanations and excuses for why Barkevious is dumb and violent while Hoshi is studious and polite. Maybe our very language is at fault! After all, the heroic may-hee-can invader refuses to learn it and we all know what beings of pure light and excellent personal hygiene they are. Yes, it must be "racist" sentence structure and imperialist concepts like subject-verb agreement causing the negro to fail.

The Writing Center at the University …

The Sweden Pill

When President Trump started talking about the moe-ham-head disaster in Sweden I wanted to stand up and cheer. This is a conversation we need to have. In the minds of many Whites Swedenistan is still a paradise of liberal values, generous welfare programs and award-winning bikini teams. Back in reality, it is rapidly being annexed by the third world, while jewish speech and thought crime laws prevent even the mildest opposition to the planned demolition of another White homeland. A flood of sand creatures is drowning a nation, rape and sex attacks are epidemic and the cities are burning. The leadership is more concerned with pretending everything is fine to preserve their pathetic sinecures than actually addressing the encroaching rot. We need to look long and hard at this dying nation. This is the future for us if we lose. We have to win, the alternative is the grave.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven dismissed claims Sweden is crumbling because of its liberal refugee policy - just hours b…

Denver: Illegal Alien Released, Commits Murder

You don't make anything better by adding more may-hee-can peasants to it, not may-hee-co and certainly not America. At best they're a drain on a system already stretched to the breaking point by the descendants of the cargo brought here by jewish slavers, at worst they're killers and rapists. Noticing this reality is wrong, so please keep staring at the electronic synagogue and inhaling the booze and pills and opiates, goyim. Trying to fix this mess is "racist" and wrong, wanting to have your own country is evil if you're White (Israel is our greatest ally). Hundreds of miles from a porous border that will hopefully soon have a big and beautiful wall the la-teen-oh sewage rewards our suicidal generosity.

One of the suspects accused of trying to rob and then killing a man at a Denver light rail station was in custody and wanted for possible deportation by federal authorities when he was released from jail weeks before the homicide, federal officials said.


Paris Burns, Again

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to make copies and spread it far and wide.

Welcome to the final days of a dying nation, a country that greedily gulped down the hemlock of "diversity" in the name of muh economy and muh guilt over imaginary crimes. Now the collapse begins, as tar-colored authorities are helpless against the rot. We start with the usual "Is this Africa?" panorama as moose-limb sewage and debased White useful idiots march against civilization. The Soros-funded mob is here to carry out the kosher orders of destructive nihilism. Everything must burn, the cumulative efforts of generations of Whites must be reduced to rubble. Otherwise a jew might call us names.

The window on the police car is smashed and the negro officer, the last protector of France, the Old  Guard, the African genetic alien, is peppered with baby punches from a weak and degenerate White. Objects are thrown at the "whip" while Officer Morlock seems uncertain …

The Gun Kept Moving Up

Having an I.Q. number similar to the Fahrenheit temperature on a pleasant summer day is going to have massive societal consequences. This obvious statement has been largely ignored by courts, governments and do-gooders for the past fifty years, with disastrous consequences. Attempts to miracle the negro into a low-quality White have failed, at a massive cost in shed blood, wasted money and eroded trust in institutions that became hopelessly corrupt in desperate attempts to protect the "We're all equal!" jewish deceit. And here we are, in Current Year. The dark alien we have is worse than ever, it's all our fault, more needs to be done. What exactly that "more" is that will solve this eternal genetic problem remains elusive, but Trump's plan of treating negro areas like occupied foreign countries is probably the sanest we're going to get as long as the obvious answer of their removal continues to be forbidden.

A Jackson County man was arrested Tuesday…

Day Without Whites


You Gotta Go, Pablo

I'm still not tired of winning. Our defeated brown enemies are gearing up for the day without immigrants (how about a hundred years or so without any?), another pathetic display that proves the old adage "You gotta go away before I can miss you." Fortunately, the removal process has begun. How to deport the millions of entitled, shrieking, criminal, filthy brown animals who are being assisted by vile chosenites embedded in a rotten system? The same way you do any job, one brick at a time. They have to go. If America is going to survive as a meaningful corporate entity we must restore national vision, national pride and national sanity. It's time to flush down the brown and the usual (((suspects))) are not happy.

A man who was brought to the country from Mexico illegally as a child and protected from deportation by the Obama administration may now be ejected despite committing no crimes, his lawyers say.

Hey, kids! There's what adults call a "logical error&quo…

An Attempt at Swastikas

The jew is g*d's favorite thing, a being of pure goodness and light that has contributed nothing but joy and wonder to our world, from communism to high-risk loans. For reasons that aren't entirely clear but probably can be traced back to the inherent evil of what these wonderful people call "cattle" the special chosen often find themselves under tremendous persecution. I know, it's hard to believe. This tendency of the "unclean meat" to senselessly attack their merchant benefactors has become so severe that an ugly aging jewess is now seeing "hate" nearly everywhere. It's time for everyone's favorite sub-genre of phony hate crimes, the "Ordinary object as evil!" panic.

Comedian Sarah Silverman got an earful from her social media followers on Sunday after appearing to mistake a pair of bright orange construction markings for swastikas painted by neo-Nazis.

Well, these marking do suggest that honest work is about to occur in th…

Chicago: Prognosis was "Not Good"

Race is real. Racial differences in intelligence are real. These differences have massive societal consequences. These factual statements, supported by scientific inquiry and obvious to anyone with working eyes, are "hate" and must never be spoken. It's far preferable to pretend we can't figure out why the negro always fails, or to blame their predictable malfunction on "racism" or historical events from hundreds of years ago that the average "African-American" is, at best, dimly aware of. This cycle of delusion has continued for decades. After all, I don't want to be called names or lose my careerism. And here we are, facing some of the worst tar monster behavior ever and still deep in denial. The negro will start improving tomorrow.

Two young girls were among 27 people shot in Chicago over the weekend as gun violence continues to outpace last year.

The tribal warfare rages on, a reliable violence machine in a dead city, just keep it fueled wi…

Cucktianity: No Adequate Words

They're building a bulletproof wall around the Eiffel Tower. It will protect against "attacks." We need more rapefugees, more enemygrants, our magic soil will convert them into peaceful consumers. If that fails, we can put up walls, cower in our homes, avoid large areas of the city, run and hide, all the while avoiding any spoken word or thought that might be perceived as hostile to our own imminent destruction. "Is this Africa?" asks an Asian tourist and the answer is "Yes" for all practical purposes. A nation is not a color on a map, it's not a proposition club that anyone can join, it's not a charity dedicated to the unsuccessful treatment of negro and sand monster pathology. It's shared culture, tradition, religion and race. When this is gone your homeland is gone and no amount of passive deterrents against Religion of Peace mayhem can change that.

Elsewhere, the pope that belongs on the end of a rope was grappling with the real issue …

That is Not Okay

Please listen to the following amazing video, which contains a short lesson in "White Man Bad" taught at a communist indoctrination center.

We start with the typical anti-White boilerplate and one has to marvel that people are actually paying large amounts of student loan shekels to sit and listen to this drivel. In other news the threshold for being a "wealthy" White has now been lowered to 50k a year. If that's total family income it's even more pathetic, but I think the sodomite lecturer is assuming all Whites are atomized childless individuals pursuing empty materialism and hedonistic nihilism like he is. Still, it's surprising to see the ranks of the Hero Proletarian decrease yet again. In twenty years any White that owns a shanty and has easy access to junkyards will be considered well off, if the current pattern holds. You could afford lunch and dinner, we can add decadent wealth to the list of illicit privilege you enjoy.

We get more effeminate …

Arrests Were Made

Hey rabbi, whatcha doin'? Well, recently they took a break from vandalizing their own synagogues of satan to offer a feeble protest to the unstoppable return of nationalist sanity in an awakening U.S.A. The jew has become so desperate they're now forced to act as foot soldiers for the rot themselves instead of the preferred tactic of deploying dark biological weapons. Our enemy is in the midst of their worst collapse and defeat since the fall of the Soviet Union and it's glorious. Time to send the jew criminal to the green bar motel, another new holohoax, the greatest sufferink, I was arrested six times for blocking traffic.

About 20 rabbis affiliated with a liberal Jewish group were arrested on Monday night after blocking the street near the Trump International Hotel and Tower at Columbus Circle in Manhattan to protest an executive order that banned travel to the United States from seven majority-Muslim nations.

Deploy the rabbis, it's an emergency! The hated White goy…