An Attempt at Swastikas

The jew is g*d's favorite thing, a being of pure goodness and light that has contributed nothing but joy and wonder to our world, from communism to high-risk loans. For reasons that aren't entirely clear but probably can be traced back to the inherent evil of what these wonderful people call "cattle" the special chosen often find themselves under tremendous persecution. I know, it's hard to believe. This tendency of the "unclean meat" to senselessly attack their merchant benefactors has become so severe that an ugly aging jewess is now seeing "hate" nearly everywhere. It's time for everyone's favorite sub-genre of phony hate crimes, the "Ordinary object as evil!" panic.

Comedian Sarah Silverman got an earful from her social media followers on Sunday after appearing to mistake a pair of bright orange construction markings for swastikas painted by neo-Nazis.

Well, these marking do suggest that honest work is about to occur in the area, which for the jew is the same as a "death camp."

Wires of hate.

“Walking to get coffee saw these all over a sidewalk in the town I’m in. Is this an attempt at swastikas? Do neo nazis not have google?” she wrote.

LOL. The jew declares its superior mind as it makes a moronic mistake. The entire pathology that brings about the downfall of these satanic outsiders neatly summarized. They honestly believe the goyim are idiots and they can get away with everything. 

Others simply ridiculed the comedian for her post, attributing other innocent, everyday situations to the work of nefarious extremists.

After realizing her mistake, Silverman posted a series of follow-up tweets in which she explained that she has begun to see swastikas “in everything” due to the country’s current political climate.

Evil nawrtzees everywhere! Like a paranoid criminal, the nation-wrecker sees the punishment it deserves closing in from all sides. It's the current year, Yentl. You're done.

The comedian — who was one of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s earliest and most vocal celebrity supporters before rallying behind eventual Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the general election — has continued to speak out in opposition to President Donald Trump.

 The rat-sistence.

Shortly after the election, the comedian wrote on Twitter that for many of Clinton’s supporters, the outcome of the race felt like the Great Depression of the 1930s, only worse.

Never end, Current Year.

 Jew "humor."


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